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Economic Classes Of England in 1709 As Seen By Daniel Defoe


Below is a list of economic classes in England back in 1709 as described by Daniel Defoe (above). It seems things were at least not fully different 300 years ago in England from what we experience in the U.S. today. Though the so-called middle sort and the working trades might feel they don’t have it as well as Defoe suggests.

Relative to the rest of the world however, such folks for the most part are doing well even in this recession. 

Where do I fall on this list?

Due to my blogging income, I’m part of the great who live profusely.

The list—

1—The great, who live profusely.

2—The rich, who live plentifully.

3— The middle sort, who live well.

4—The working trades, who labour hard, but feel no want.

5—The country people, farmers, &c, who fare indifferently

6—The poor, that fare hard.

7—The miserable, that really pinch and suffer want.

I can’t claim to know much about Daniel Defoe except that he wrote Robinson Crusoe. Defoe was born at some point between 1659 and 1661 and died in 1731. It appears that  he had an eventful life and you can read about it by clicking this link. It’s Wikipedia and I’m hesitant to send people to Wikipedia. But I poked around and it appeared to be the best link about Defoe’s life.

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Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up With Santa Elena Canyon Photo

File:USA Santa Elena Canyon TX.jpg

Below is the weekly Texas Progressive Alliance Round-up.

Above is Santa Elena Canyon with the Rio Grande running through the canyon. The picture was taken by one Daniel Schwen. Santa Elena Canyon is part of Big Bend National Park in Texas. 

It would be nice to see a canyon and a river like that. I’ve never seen anything like that in person except for the time I passed through the Rocky Mountains on a Greyhound Bus.

The round up—

WhosPlayin only had Random Thoughtsthis week, but guest blogger Calvin Tillman — mayor of Dish, TX — weighed in with his thoughts on the Stacked Deck being dealt by the Texas Railroad Commission and their bias towards the interests of the oil and gas companies.

At Left of College Station, Teddy reports on the recent increase in violence, the withdrawal of troops, and the possibility of what could happen in the war that has vanished from public debate: the fading war in Iraq.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme says the Voter ID debacle demonstrates the differences between Republicans and Democrats.

Off the Kuff takes a look at a battle between cities and some legislators over red light cameras.

WCNews at Eye On Williamsonposts on the great job his Democratic state representative in HD-52 is doing this session in Diana Maldonado’s Legislation.

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