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Malignancy Known As The Texas Legislature Rejects Expanded Health Insurance For Kids

As always in the malignancy known as the Texas legislature, it is proving difficult to pass a bill that would expand health insurance for kids. In Texas this is known as the CHIP program. Fights about health insurance for kids are a mainstay in the Texas legislature.   

( Above–The legislative process in Texas. It starts with nasty voters who have suppressed any decent thoughts. After the mutations of  party primaries, the general election and committee assignments, the process results in the legislative session. 

The mutation process insures that only the most aggressive and malignant legislators form the majority in legislative chamber. The legislature goes into remission for almost two years after the end of each session, but always comes back strong so as to do more harm.  There is hope for a cure, but so far voters have rejected any cure.)     

You can read about the latest go-round on kid’s health insurance in the Houston Chronicle.    

Governor Rick Perry, who has said that Texas might wish to consider leaving the union, says that he would in any case veto an expansion of children’s heath care if it came to his desk.

What can I add? Texas is a cold-hearted mess and many people seem content with that fact.

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