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Memorial Day Parade 1942—Houston Memorial Day Events

Image, Source: digital file from original transparency

(Blogger’s Note–5/29/11– Here are events for Houston Memorial Day 2011. There is no Memorial Day parade in Houston.)

Above is a Memorial Day parade in Southington, Connecticut in 1942.

Here is information about the picture. The picture was taken by Fenno Jacobs.

The small crowd is due to the fact that town’s war factories did not close for the parade.

Here is a list of Memorial Day events in the Houston area as collected by the City of Houston.

Here is the link to the Houston National Cemetery. There is a Memorial Day event at the cemetery—Here are the details.

There is a Memorial Day event at Seawolf Park on Pelican Island near Galveston Island.

Here is the link to Arlington National Cemetery.

Here is the link to Southington, Connecticut.

Southington does not list a Memorial Day parade on its list of town events for May.

Here are links about the history of Memorial Day and about the men and women who served and died in the service of others.

People talk a lot about respect for veterans. Just like they talk a lot about family and God and all that.

I’m wary that anything people talk about at length in our society is really anything that is strongly believed.

It’s not that people are lying when they say they care a lot about veterans and family and God.

Though many are lying.

It’s just that they talk and talk and yet people’s actions don’t meet up with the words.

I look at people and want to feel that they have the substance and quality to hold beliefs in a serious and thoughtful manner.

I have to admit though that in many cases I can’t get myself to that point about folks.

In fact, when I hear of a view that is claimed to be deeply held, I often wonder what misdeed or neglect is being covered for with the assertion of care and sentiment.

I think it is unlikely that we as a society care much about veterans, or that most people will take time on Memorial Day to think about the people who have died in our wars.

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  1. there is no clear charities out there that help veterans nor is there any obvoius ways to help. there are not simple ways to help any cause in this world. the united way might be the best and they are bogged down with heavy salaries and corporate cost. red cross the v.a. you can never find a way to give your money to a vet and know the money will actually end up in their hands and help thier lives.

    Comment by bill brady | May 24, 2009

  2. The United Way does a good job on keeping overhead low. I would encourage all people to give to the United Way as I do in my home.

    That said, one must be mindfull, as Bill says, about who is getting your donations.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 26, 2009

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