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Houston Police Chief Says Real Crime More Important Than Immigration Checks

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt says his police officers have more useful things to do other than checking people’s immigration status. 

Here  is what the Chief said as reported by the Houston Chronicle

“Immigration enforcement by local police is counterproductive to community policing efforts. It undermines the trust and cooperation of immigrant communities, could lead to charges of racial profiling, and increases our response time to urgent calls for service,”….”I don’t want my guys out on the street trying to determine which of 32 different visas” an immigrant might be issued is valid, Hurtt said. “I want them to concentrate on keeping Houston safe from thieves, drug dealers, sex offenders, and making sure we maintain the trust and support of everybody who lives in Houston, and that means members of the immigrant community we serve”

I can’t add much except to say we allowed undocumented  folks to come to the United States to do our labor for us and to make sure we can get cheap services and products. At the same time, we want to bust these folks out of the country.

Let police officers go after real crime. If we reach the point where we want to start arresting all of us who have profited from illegal labor, then we can all go turn ourselves in at the local station house.     

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