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Houston Hispanic Kids Should Not Be Shunned Over Swine Flu

My friend Saleema writes in her blog that Hispanic kids are getting the cold shoulder from other students in Houston schools because of the Swine Flu.

This is, at the surface, because the Swine Flu started in Mexico. The more substantive reason though, as Saleema suggests in her blog, is that many parents are incompetent and don’t teach their kids to treat others well. 

Saleema’s sister attends a Houston High School and has seen Hispanic kids being avoided. Saleema writes the blog Ink Spot. Here is the post I’m referencing. 

It’s important for us to recall that all people are yucky. They cough and sneeze without covering their mouths, they don’t wash after using the restroom and they don’t wash their hands before eating a meal.

A group of people should not be shunned for any reason. Let’s focus on specific individuals who are walking around coughing on people.

Here are hand washing tips.

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