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48% Of Texas Republicans Say Texas Would Be Better Off As An Independent Nation

A Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll reports that 48% of Texas Republicans believe Texas would be better of as an independent nation  rather than remaining part of the United States. 35% of all Texans hold this view.

Please click here for the full poll.

Another result is that Texans disapprove of Barack Obama by a 53%–45% margin. If they don’t like him now when he has a national 64% approval rating, it seems an uphill climb to win the state in 2012.

(Texas is one of four states with a majority-minority population. Most of those minorities are Democrats as are a substantial portion of white voters.  Where are these folks? Are they illegals? Do they only have cell phones and can’t be reached for surveys? Are they citizens who don’t vote? I’m sure it’s a little bit of all that. In any case, it’s frustrating.)

I’ve addressed the disloyal comments of Texas Governor Rick Perry and Congressman Ron Paul a couple of times this week here at the blog. Regular readers may note that this is more often than I generally acknowledge the existence of the Republican Party.

I think criticizing the same people time after time is a waste of time and effort. Life is short and there are so many other things to address. I don’t think repeating the same thing over and over changes people’s minds.

But I feel the point should be made that these folks are so extreme. Can you even imagine that the comments of Governor Perry have made secession something we are talking about? How can real progress ever be made in this state when the governing party consists of people who hold these views?

In Washington, we see a Republican Party that seems to have learned nothing from the failures of the last 8 years. In Texas, we see this extremism in its full flowering.

It seems clear that the main loyalties of the American right are concentrated on anger and grievance and not directed towards our nation and its people.

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  1. pretty ironic that perry is now asking for federal dollars to help with the swine flu problem.

    Comment by blahgblog | April 27, 2009

  2. Yep.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 28, 2009

  3. To Rick Perry Governor, I have a son in a state prisonthat is about to be release. My guestion is why the person is given such terrible atire to wear home? They have serve there tme in a terrible place for the crime the were convected& there is such a thing a convicted & not guility,but because everyone does not have the money for a hight price lawler he is at the hands of the courts serves his time & then treated as a inhuman.I never thought I would every see this treatment in our great stste of TEXAS

    Comment by evelyn sewell | May 24, 2009

  4. You wrote: “It seems clear that the main loyalties of the American right are concentrated on anger and grievance and not directed towards our nation and its people”

    You need to open your eyes – just as the Fundie Christian Right should have during the last 8 years. LISTEN for once.
    People mocked Joe the Plumber. The liberals and their press sector trashed a man for asking a question that many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs ask every election, every tax season, every day. I wish he would end his 15 minutes of fame for god’s sake – because he is not a geopolitical genius – but most Americans are not. He did not deserve the personal attacks mounted by every layer of the DNC.

    Most of us don’t live or die by a republican or democrat tag. Most of us work long hours, raise kids, take care of aging parents, wayward kin and neighbors, try to enjoy what little is left after it all and hold on to our dignity. One does not have to be on the right to be dismayed at the direction in which this administration is determined to drag this nation. You ask a question – you are destroyed – as a fraud, a racist, a moron, a crackhead – ANYTHING to shut you up. Damn it – the majority of this country has said – repeatedly – they do NOT want universal health care, they do NOT want the government running any more of our economy than they already are – yet has stood before his groupies and promised to **fight** them all. He bemoans the insolvency of an existing govt health program as justification to create more? Joe Wilson calls him out for his LIES about illegal immigrants which then results in Obama calling to use SAVE to prevent illegals from receiving the benefits (democrats had voted this republican amendment at least twice previously) But then Obama immediately makes another speech about granting amnesty to all the illegals who are here. You don’t have to be a republican to recognize your chain has been yanked at this point.

    Comment by fpintx | September 19, 2009

  5. Disloyal traitors as ever. To keep their slaves, Texans rebelled against Mexico. Shortly thereafter they asked to join the United States. 13 years later they rebelled against the United States. And so it goes.

    Comment by Foster | November 21, 2012

  6. It does seem to go on and on.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 26, 2012

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