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April Is National Poetry Month/Two Poems I’ve Written

April is Nati0nal Poetry Month. Please click here for a great poetry month link.

The first poem that I ever learned goes like this—

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Toilet paper is white

But not when you are through.

I’ve been reciting that poem to folks for over 30 years now.

I’ve written some poetry myself.

Here is one example.  It does not have a title at the moment because I changed a couple of words in it and the old title no longer makes sense. 

The mob on the one side.

The few on the other side.

I’ll take my chances

With the Niagara below. 

( Photo of Niagara River.) 

Here is another poem I wrote called Self-Reliance.

He did not cast the characters.

He did not write the script.

When told that he was the author,

He immediately saw the trick.

A lot people feel that poetry is not accessible to them, but this is not the case.

People have the ability to grasp, enjoy and make use of much more than they realize. 

I have a great faith in the ability of the average person to understand much more than they realize.

Here is some poetry for kids. 

Here is a link to a number of very old Chinese poems. I enjoy this kind of poetry very much.

Here is some information about Walt Whitman with links also to many of his poems. You can poke around the Poets.org site and look up lots of poems.

There is always new stuff to learn and new ways of looking at life. Everybody is able to do this in their life.

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