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Do-It-Yourself Exiting On Houston Highways


The picture above of a Houston highway is a scene familiar to anybody who has spent time on Houston-area roads.

The picture shows cars leaving the highway because they are stuck in traffic or stuck behind an accident or some other delay.

Maybe this is something going on around the nation, but I sure don’t recall such actions in the years I lived in Cincinnati. I’ve not seen this anywhere else.

The highway has marked exits for a reason.  I was never aware that getting on or off the highway at some other point than the marked exits was an option.  

This picture is courtesy of a blog called The Houghs.  I don’t know the Hough family, but they were nice enough to let me use the picture. Here is the link to the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Overland Park, Kansas. This church seems to play a large part in the life of Hough family.

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  1. if there was a way off 75 or 71 we would take it in a heartbeat and go to wherever we need to get to. there is no exit on the cincinnati highways other than the ones they give us. i like the creative expressive ways of the houston drivers and the options to get off when traffic is totally screwed. every hiway should have such random choices to get off. l.a. chicago. forget it there is no way off.

    Comment by bill brady | March 26, 2009

  2. Please stay on the road and leave the creativity to other forums. There are plenty of ways to express yourself within the bounds of the law and civility.

    You would hate the Houston drivers just as I’m certain you hate Cincinnati drivers.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 27, 2009

  3. i disagree yes i hate driving in all cities i go to. people screwing with their eyeliner and cell phones etc… lights turn green and people sit dazed and stupid, distracted, its true there are too many people and too many cars wherever you go. I think that having more exits would help for when there is a accident and the police feel the need to block all lanes while they pick their asses and figure out what to do next. when you are stuck in this kind of traffic and you are delayed in where you are going if its just home after being layed off your job or a doctor on his way to a heart surgery or picking up your kid in some parking lot after school where you are worried that some slug is going to drag her off into the woods, these are all the same reasons people pull off into the grass to get somewhere faster. california is the worse and chicago is right behind. sometimes you just have to pee and waiting in bumper to bumper traffic is that last thing you need. we need more options and when we dont have them we do stupid desperate things.

    Comment by bill brady | March 28, 2009

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