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Pottery Is Gift For Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Time now for a ninth wedding anniversary blogging break.

How long will the break last?

Well—today is Saturday and I will post next on Monday.

You are on your own for Sunday.

What gift should I give the wife for our ninth anniversary?

It seems that the traditional gift is pottery.

(Here is a history of pottery.)

This Rookwood Pottery below would mark the fact that the wife and I met in Cincinnati. Rookwood Pottery was made in Cincinnati.

Or I could just go somewhere and buy all they have on display.

” One of everything please.”

Neolithic people gave pottery as a gift. I’m sure they did. Below you see what may have been a gift for a ninth wedding anniversary back in neolithic times. 

“Ooga booga–Here is gift of pottery.”

“uuguum… Thank you.  Now I conk you over head.”

Below is modern pottery of Japan. (Please click here to learn about pottery of Japan.)

On the pottery from Japan you see a fish. 

With my wife being Jewish, maybe if I gave her the pottery you see below from 4000 B.C. Iran it help bring peace and understanding in the world. At least it would until the National Museum of Tehran announced that a  Jewish woman in Texas had Iran’s 6000 year old pottery.  

(Here is information about pottery in Iran. It goes back 8000 years.)

I’m pretty sure my wife would enjoy a gift of these two giant pottery pieces from Safi, Morocco.

So did I get the wife any pottery for our ninth anniversary? I’m afraid I did not. I only learned that pottery was the right gift when I looked it up for this post.

That’s okay though. Surely being the wife of the best blogger in Texas is gift enough  for the wife.


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