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Reading Bird Sermon Of St. Francis To A Dancing Duck/Chicken

This is a video of me reading St. Francis of Assisi’s Sermon To The Birds in Houston’s Memorial Park. I’m reading it to a dancing duck/chicken. The video is just under two minutes.

Here is a profile of St. Francis from American Catholic. org.

Here is a link to the Memorial Park Conservancy.

Here is a link to a great deal of information about North American birds from Cornell University.  If you poke around you can learn a lot.

Below is a 1658 painting of St. Francis by Francisco de Zurbaran.

Here is my most recent video before this one—Reading Malcolm X In An Old Black Cemetery.

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  1. hahahaha!!! This is the best video so far!!!

    Comment by Saleema | March 18, 2009

  2. Love it. Brilliant. I noticed the dancing chicken trying to kick your newspaper off the table–is this some sort of subtle commentary about the death of newspapers? Is your chicken a new media aficionado? Is he on twitter?

    Comment by Brendan | March 18, 2009

  3. Would you believe I have the very same dancing chicken – yes, I believe it’s a chicken, not a duck/chicken – in my office? There are moments in life when a chicken dance is very much needed and, when such a moment arises here at work, the chicken is called upon to do his/her thing.

    Comment by Newton | March 18, 2009

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is beyond HILARIOUS!!!

    I LOVED this!!!

    Thank you!

    Comment by Paulette | March 18, 2009

  5. Saleema–Thanks for your ongoing comments. You have any Islamic scripture for me to read? I might well if you refer me to something I like.

    Brendan–No..That was a copy of The Economist. It’s maybe about the death of free enterprise in relation to state intervention. I support newspapers in full and believe they will press on. I do not Twitter and neither does any duck/chicken that lives under my roof.

    Newton–Good item you have there. Maybe you can turn it on to drown out coworkers or annoying news you do not wish to hear.

    Paulette—Thank you very much. Please visit here again. I see you’ve got a blog and I’ll add it to my blogroll.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 18, 2009

  6. Ah, the sin of ingratitude. Therein lies the moral of the story of the eternally costume clad dancing duck chicken.
    Very good Neil.

    Comment by Shannon | March 19, 2009

  7. St. Francis would have beaten that chicken into smithereens with his staff.

    Great video Neil and shockingly Catholic.org fails to mention that the Vatican accepted Francis only after trying to ruin him.

    Great subject, horrible chicken.

    Comment by citizenx | March 20, 2009

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