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Rick Perry & Republican Southern Governors Find A New Schoolhouse Door To Block

With his refusal of federal stimulus dollars to help unemployed folks in Texas, far right-wing Governor Rick Perry has found his schoolhouse door to stand in and block.

Governor Perry and other Republican Southern governors, along with disloyal secessionist Sarah Palin, now have an updated interposition and nullification stance to rally around. They don’t want that mean old Federal government coming in and telling them what to do!

Some things are very slow to change in at least some quarters of the South.

There is our Governor below. Big tough guy Rick Perry laying down the law as he runs scared from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s 2010 primary challenge. 


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Texas Voter Supression Bill & Low Minority Turnout—Twin Evils

The so-called voter ID bill now before the Texas legislature is nothing but a voter suppression bill. Voters in Texas already present a driver’s license or a voter registration card to be able to vote. (Though I was asked specifically for a driver’s license last November.)  

Under the bill, voters would now, by law, be asked in all cases for a photo ID. If you do not have one, you’ll have to come up with two forms of alternative identification.

The alleged reason behind the bill is stop voter fraud. But there is little evidence of voter fraud in Texas. The fact is that some minority and elderly voters don’t have photo Id’s and it is not always easy for them to acquire such identification.

(There is plenty of evidence that many people in Texas don’t have health insurance, but Republicans don’t see that as such an urgent concern.)

Republicans in Texas know that it is likely Democratic voters the voter suppression bill will impact.  And they know that the demographic clock is ticking in Texas politics. Sooner or later, let’s hope sooner, Republicans are going start losing statewide elections in Texas just as they are now losing elections in Harris County and Dallas County. 

Republicans can hold back the demographic realities of Texas….

Just as easily as one could hold back this wave pictured above.

However, it should not be forgotten that these issues of voter turnout are a two-way street.

File:Japanese Road sign (Two-way traffic).svg

In majority-minority cities and legislative districts around Texas, elected officials—most often Democrats—say little or nothing about the poor turnout that goes on year after year. Not only do they say nothing about it, they do nothing about it.

In our majority-minority state of Texas, we would not have so many elected Republicans if many probable Democrats would come out to polls on every Election Day.

It seems that many of these elected officials are content to serve in safe districts and to never have to worry about a primary challenge or an overly attentive electorate. Many elected Democrats thrive in these situations while accusing the other side of voter suppression.

We can fight against the voter suppression bill now up for debate in Austin. However, if we had our own house in order as Democrats and folks on the left side of the ideological aisle, maybe we would not be fighting this battle today.

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