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Grain Elevators

Image, Source: digital file from original transparency

Above are grain elevators near Amarillo, Texas photographed back in 1943. The picture was taken by Jack Delano  and can be found at the American Memory Project at the Library of Congress.

Here is information about grain elevators. 

Here is some history of grain elevators.

Here are some quick facts on the subject

“Storage building for grain, usually a tall frame, metal, or concrete structure with a compartmented interior; also, the device for loading grain into a building. One common mechanism consists of a hopper, a long rectangular open trough, and an endless vertical belt or chain with flights (crosspieces) for conveying the grain to the top of the stack. The force of gravity enables elevated grain to be unloaded quickly and easily from chutes.”

The idea of a grain elevator is pretty remote from my day-to-day urban life.It’s good to learn about things you feel little connection with. Learning about things you feel little connection with helps expand your world.

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