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First Ever Texas Liberal Video—I Have Confidence In You

Here is the first Texas Liberal video. I filmed it on Galveston’s East Beach a few days ago. It is just under 2 minutes long.

The video explains why I am making videos for the blog. The video expresses the idea that I have confidence in you because of the things that you and I have in common. 

Not in the video is the rotting dolphin carcass that was about 30 feet away from where I was standing.  At first look, people thought it was a seal carcass. Don’t folks know that the only seal ever to come near Galveston was the now-extinct Caribbean Monk Seal? (Below) This was the only seal native to the Gulf of Mexico.


Why do you think that people must drive big pickups onto the beach and motor around in circles? I’d like people to please know that I kept my eye on the camera despite these trucks, the dolphin carcass, the many bulldozers replenishing the beach with sand after last year’s Hurricane Ike, and people feeding seagulls out of moving cars as the seagulls followed the cars in noisy flocks.  

Thank you for reading this blog and for watching the video.

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  1. Nicely done! Good to see the oft-talked about Galveston and Gulf.

    Comment by Newton | March 2, 2009

  2. Neil,

    I think this first video turned out great. Well done. There’s something about your tone that is present when you speak that gets lost to some extent when you write. Adding the video — or more particularly, the audio in the video — adds a lot.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    Mike Barron

    Comment by Mike Barron | March 2, 2009

  3. Neil,you are a genius! You’ve done it again.And evolving nicely into the higher self (the one)I see.This medium will be a catalyst for you.You were made for each other!I will be tuning in often to view more videos from Neil Aquino and Texas Liberal!!!(even though I’m a moderate independent)Thanks Neil!!! fraternally yours,Heather Cumming(nee Prescott)

    Comment by Heather Prescott | March 2, 2009

  4. You made it even more obvious that we really do get what we put out there- and the Universe is watching us (as always) clearly- with eyes wide open. It’s hard to believe you were alone during the taping- it seems there is nothing around or going on amidst the soothing sounds of the sea…which I miss terribly. Will look forward to more.

    Comment by Cathy Haggerty | March 2, 2009

  5. Good job Neil. What struck me the most was how still the camera was. I’m guessing no one was holding it. Did you have it placed on one of those camera pedestal things?

    I made a video for my blog, too. It was my first video ever that I played around with, other thans just recording. I’m very proud that I was able to upload it as I’m not very good with that type of stuff. I wanted to add comments onto the screen because sometimes the guy in the video was not audible enough. I think that’s because he was uncomfortable about being recorded.

    I was told that the best tool for beginners to use to edit their videos and add graphics, comments, etc is to use Windows Movie Maker. I plan to edit my next video using that.

    My biggest challenge so far is that I was not able to convert the same video to YouTube.

    Again, well done and you have a news anchor’s voice.

    Comment by Saleema | March 2, 2009

  6. I think you are onto something big here. I am looking forward to future videos and hearing what you have to say. Glad we reconnected.

    Comment by Sarah Ladd Bennett | March 2, 2009

  7. about to head back to the lawless hellhole known as mexico. i will stop by houston airport where there is no wireless and go out to smoke my last smoke on us soil and than back to the trenches. liked the video its takes courage to put your selfout there and i respect that side of you very much. I figure as long as you keep talking i will keep listening. I like what i hear!! talk to you soon. Diablo blanco

    Comment by bill brady | March 3, 2009

  8. Neil, this format works very well. I look forward to more videos. Thank you for putting so much time, thought and energy into your relationships with your friends and with the world at large.

    Comment by Julie | March 3, 2009

  9. Newton–Thank you.

    Mike–I’ll keep at it and hopefully get better as well.

    Heather–Thank you. Maybe we’ll move you to the left.

    Cathy—Yeah–There was plenty goping on. But I shut it out pretty good. At least by the tenth take. Please do visit the blog again.

    Saleema–Yes, I did have a tripod. I’ll look at your video.

    Sarah—Glad we reconnected as well and thank you.


    Julie—You work hard at that kind of thing as well.

    Again, thanks to all for the nice comments.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 4, 2009

  10. NIce commanding presence for your first video. Im a documentary film maker and I was interested in talking with you about cruise ships. Not sure if you can access my email, but Ill send it to you if you can’t.
    thanks, Josh

    Comment by Josh Hansbrough | March 5, 2009

  11. Great video Neil. I am looking forward to more, now I’m off to read your post on how I should be outside rather than reading your blog.

    Comment by citizenx | March 8, 2009

  12. Josh–Please feel free to send it. Thanks for the kind remarks.

    Citizen X–We aim to please around here.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 10, 2009

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