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Seeking The Unified Disco Ball Of Existence

(Blogger’s note–Short posts this week as I think out my next blogging move.)

Yesterday I wrote a status update on Facebook saying I wanted my mind to be flexible enough to find coherence out of the fragments of life.

My friend Kip from Cincinnati—that’s just who he is, “Kip from Cincinnati”—-remarked that this thought was, in essence, looking for a disco ball instead of a broken mirror.

Excellent. That’s right.

From the fragments that comprise daily life, I’m looking to put it all together in a  “Unified Disco Ball of Existence” ……  

….Instead of being lost in a senseless pattern of broken shards of glass.

Kip’s thought reminded me once again that, in many cases at least, we are only as smart as the people around us.


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  1. magnifying glass maybe, people need to focus and see closer whats in front of them, the defragmented disco ball is like a.d.d. to many images and ideas at once for a normal person leaves them confused and with no direction. i think people need to turn off the tv and computer and take a deep look at the mirror on the wall not the sparkly lights. newspapers shutting down, jobs continued loss, hate to sound so negative but the country is slipping into a giant fucking hole and unemployment,ambien,hooters are only going to last for a small time longer and then these blood thirsty dumbass americans are going to start freaking out that they cant keep buting shit on credit and republicans and democrats will have something in common, homeless,hungry and too late…

    Comment by bill brady | February 28, 2009

  2. It is the case that the times require from many of us a direct focus on just getting by. I do agree that people are likely to get more nasty in a recession rather than nicer and that we may all be focusing soon enough on the things we no longer have–Regardless of the fact of whether we needed these things in the first place.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 28, 2009

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