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Hello Blog Reading Public!

I’ve purchased one of the small Flip Cameras because I’m going to film videos and post them on this blog from time-to-time.  I have many ideas for these videos—Though as yet these ideas are not fully formed.

( Update–Here is the link to the first video I recorded.)

(Above–19th Century camera. This would be a bit bulky to carry around. Here is some history of 19th century photography.)

Over the next week, I’m going to think what I would like to say, do and film in my videos. I’m going to test the camera both inside and outside to see how it works in various settings and how well it records sound. Later this week, I’m going to go to Galveston, Texas, on the sunny shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and film my first videos.  

(Below–A movie camera of a type still in use. It is an Arricam ST. This camera is a bit elaborate for what I plan to be doing. Think of the batteries it must take. ) 

Because I want to do the videos right, I’m going to post on a reduced basis for the next week or so here at Texas Liberal. There’s only so much time I can spend blogging while keeping my job and spending time with the excellent wife. 

I’ll post a picture or something else short and easy.  Despite these short posts, I urge regular readers to still visit the blog as often as possible. The higher my blog traffic each day, the better I feel about the collective judgement of those I share the planet with.

(Below–A disposable camera. Hopefully you’ll feel that this blog merits more than one use.)

Texas Liberal has averaged 1645 page views a day since the first of the year. I have the goal of being the largest individually operated political blog in Houston and in Texas. I’m also a featured political reader blogger at the Houston Chronicle. (And I post on things other than politics as well.)

( Below–This self-portrait of one Robert Cornelius from 1839 is said to be the first picture of a person ever taken. Will anything I do last 170 years?)

If you like this blog, please forward the link. A blog grows one reader at a time.  Please also feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook. My name is Neil Aquino and I live in Houston. My profile picture at the moment is a boat stuck on land after Hurricane Ike.

Thank you for reading Texas Liberal. If you have any ideas for my videos, please offer a comment.  

(Below–A Flip Camera just like the one I now have. I hope I do a good and creative job with my videos. Please visit Texas Liberal very often and see how I am doing.) 

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Censure Texas State Representative Leo Berman

Texas State Representative Leo Berman, a Republican from Tyler, should be censured by the Texas House of Representatives. This is the view of  the leading political bloggers in Texas. It is the view of all   freedom-loving Texans.

Reasons for Mr. Berman’s censure by the full Texas House of Representatives, and a full account of his appalling, insensitive, hard-hearted, and racially charged behavior as a Member of the Texas House are found at Censureleo.com.  

From CensureLeo.com

“On Thursday, February 18, 2009, State Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler) committed an act which we believe constitutes conduct unbecoming a member of the Texas Legislature—for which he should be censured by members of the Texas House of Representatives… After a panel discussion sponsored by Texas Employers for Immigration Reform, Rep. Berman was engaged in a heated verbal conflict with Harry Joe, a Chinese American immigration lawyer from Dallas…. Berman, who was invited to participate in a panel discussion to speak about a bill he authored requiring illegal immigrants to relocate to “sanctuary cities,” was approached by Mr. Joe after the session….Following their exchange, Berman told Harry Joe to “go home” (as in “back to China”) and “kiss my ass.”…While the Rules of the Texas House of Representatives set forth no specific standards for member decorum and behavior, it is clear to most people that Berman’s actions are clearly unbecoming a member of the Texas Legislature….The Texas House of Representatives should immediately censure Berman and condemn his conduct….We–netroots activists from across Texas–seek to see the Texas House of Representatives pass a resolution censuring Rep. Berman. Using this site, you can find out how to contact your Representative to urge them to support a censure resolution, and how to contact House Speaker Joe Straus to demand that the Speaker formally and officially condemn Rep. Berman’s conduct.”

Please visit CensureLeo.com and see what steps you can take to make sure that Mr. Berman is called to account for his poor behavior while in the performance of his duties as an elected representative of the people in the State of Texas.

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