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The Vulgar Lady At Subway

Today I was in line at Subway. It was lunch time and there were maybe 15 people in line. The line was moving at a good clip.

When I was third to last in the line, a woman of about 60 walked up and asked the woman in front of me in  line if she could cut. She said she was running late. Somewhat to my surprise, the person in front of me said yes.

The cut-ahead lady then asked the next people up in line if she could cut past them. They said no.

When up at the sandwich line, the cut-ahead lady used the word “want” a lot. I’ve come to note use of this word as a mark of a vulgar person. She said, ”I want a turkey sandwich.” Or, “I want lettuce.”

The right way to say it is “May I please have a turkey sandwich?” Or, “lettuce please.”

“Want” is a vulgar term. As is the word “need.” As in “I need a turkey sandwich.” Starving people need food. You don’t “need” a turkey sandwich when you had breakfast a few hours ago and have every reason to expect dinner at the end of the day.

After her sandwich was made, the cut-ahead lady did not thank the person who made the sandwich. She just paid up and left.

This was a very rude and vulgar person. I hope she is a regular reader of this blog so she can realize the error of her ways.  There is no reason to use words such as “want” and “need” when we have the option of saying “may I please have.”

I am tired of people’s poor behavior and I have a blog available to me here to express this feeling.


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  1. I found this site through a yahoo search and I was reading a little bit and thought to myself, “the person who wrote this must be rediculously liberal.” Then I scrolled to the top of the page and felt a little stupid. Then i thought… at least Im not a liberal who believes everything the media or Al Gore or President Obama says. Then I would really feel stupid. Continue enjoying your freedom of speech. I will continue defending them. Have a good day. Ryan United States Army Iraq

    Comment by Ryan | February 21, 2009

  2. The idiocy of Ryan made me laugh. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today.

    I’m not sure what your views are Neil about our military and the soldiers who claim that they are fighting all these wars to protect our freedom of free speech, but I’m tired of hearing this. Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate that there are those amongst us who are brave enough to join the military to defend us when and if we are attacked. Soldiers do not protect our freedom of speech, the Constitution does and if we aren’t vigilant there are many politicians and pundits who would like to place as many curbs on this freedom as they could possibly get away with.

    If a soldier is in Iraq, then you were sent there to find WMDs and not defend our freedom of speech. Our freedom of speech is not in Iraq! Freedom of speech is not protected with guns! Rather, it’s protected by free expression and the pen. Please, get that through your head.

    If you are in Afghanistan, then you are fighting the Taliban! The Taliban might pose many risks in the region that they live in and the surrounding countries, and they may even try to export their extremist ideology through propaganda and terrorism, but they are not attacking our freedom of speech. I know Bush & Co. told you all this and many Republicans continue to repeat the same stupid line, but they are just jingoistic slogans to get the soldier and the country ready for war. They use these statements to stir-up your emotions and get you in line. But God did give everyone a brain and we all need to use it and see that sometimes talk is just talk.

    Some soldiers are better with guns than with words and logical thoughts. I guess we are all cut out for different things.

    Comment by Saleema | February 21, 2009

  3. Ryan–You do the duty you willingly signed up for. If that commitment makes you resentful of the freedoms you feel yourself the protector of–well, that is really your problem.

    And what anything you said has to do with a lady being rude in the Subway I am less than certain. If you are figthing for the right to be rude in a Subay I’m not certain that is a just cause.

    Saleema–You tell him!

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 21, 2009

  4. Sorry my comment got stuck under the subway story, it was meant to go under one about the lack of african american senators. I still think it was funny. I am probably one of those guys you were talking about who is better with a gun than a pen but i am an American and as is usually the case we have opinions so i’ll tell you mine in as good o inglish I can manage.(as everyone knows thanks to senator Kerry if you do poorly in school, join the Army) And yes I will continue to do the duty I willingly signed up to do. I think its great that we have one of the only countries in the world with an all volunteer Army. I agree that part of our freedoms in this country are protected by the constitution, but how do we protect the constitution? What happens when men with guns and bombs come to take away those privaleges. Your pen will seem pretty worthless then. I agree that the first place to start is with negotiations and those old pens however im not so ignorant to believe that every problem can be solved by nice words. Some people dont care who they hurt or kill and that is why someone must defend those who cannot defend themselves. Speaking of which, you forgot to mention that that was one of the reasons we are in both Iraq and Afganistan. Allowing people who I believe were created by God to enjoy the same priveleges that we Americans are so blessed to have but because of their former rulers were denied life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do I think we are the worlds police? No. But I do believe there is no greater evil in the world then when good men/women see something or someone harming another of god’s creatures and does nothing. Also, do you think we are just here still, almost six years later looking for WMD’s? The Iraqi people have come so far since the last time I was here in ’04 it would amaze the average American, at least I am amazed. Last time we had a 7pm curfew so that insurgents couldnt use the cover of darkness to plan ambushes. Now we dont need one. Last time the Iraqi army and police fled in droves any time they felt threatened. Now they carry out the missions and we help them out occasionally when needed. They used to wear masks and dress at work for fear of being identified. Now they proudly wear their uniforms everywhere they go. The people of Iraq voted again recently and got voter turnout any American would be proud of. Way too many Americans dont even take advantage of their oppoortunity to vote. I do agree with you that there are politicians and people who will take as many of our rights as they can, we just disagree on who those politicians are. Like I said before, enjoy your rights, all of them. Not because of me but because of much wiser, much braver men and women than I. I will continue to fight for them at home or abroad. With a pen or a gun if necessary. Dont misunderstand me, I dont think Im any better than anyone else. I was just pointing out the difference of opinion. I absolutely love that everybody, even people who I wholeheartedly disagree with have the right to say what they believe. The United States of America may not be perfect but it is the greatest nation on Earth. Have a great day and I would love to keep this going.
    PS:Forgive me if I rambled, im a little tired.

    Comment by Ryan | February 26, 2009

  5. Ryan your doing a good job. keep reading this blog and try to understand that no one here is better than anyone else. we all come to express our love and hate and passion and disgust with the way the world works. there are many people that serve for many different reasons, serving is serving and its appreciated by all, even the ones that dont get what your doing. even if you do not totally understand that you are blindly serving on balls and faith. My faith is not as strong and when we talk about gods creatures it gives me the creeps. the pen, the gun, a baseball bat whatever i think people will never find the peace that is needed for all to love and live in peace. Americans that have served and dies and have been injured have not done this in vain. there are so many things that we need to learn from our repeated wars and where they end up and what happens to out men and woman when they return. I hope you stay safe and are treated with great respect when you get back to the states and hopefully the laws will have changed to take care better care of our people that serve. But i am jaded and i would be suprised to see any change any time soon.

    tell me again why did you join? was it to serve? to kill ? because you had nothing going on? I am serious i want to know why you decided to serve.

    Comment by bill brady | February 28, 2009

  6. Now for the pig at subway. i made a deal with the starbucks people in cincy where if there is an asshole in line i would call them out for being rude and they in return would laugh and give me free coffee. its ok to call someone out for cutting or coughing without putting there hand over their mouth etc… just say it out loud, who do you think you are? i do this often and find it quite addicting. I have been in mexico city for the last few months and people there do not give a shit. they will walk in front of you or right into you. its crowded and the streets are in poor repair. you cant walk a straight line if you want to. I am in one of the nicest parts of mexico and its still a fucking mess. I am not sure how to explain all the things they are not all bad dont get the wrong idea. but there is a subway where i would get the lukewarm teryiaki chicken.

    Comment by bill brady | February 28, 2009

  7. Ryan–I’m not certain the average American cares enough about his of her rights to use them all even if there are people such as yourself risking their lives to do what they see as the right thing.

    While I’ve opposed the War in Iraq for the start, I have felt that when all was said and done Iraq may be a better country for it. I don’t know that that is worth the blood and money we have spent in Iraq, but if on your final day many years from now you can look back and reflect and say you had a hand in making someplace a better place, than that would be life well-spent.

    I don’t figure you feel you are better than others. Thanks for your ongoing comments here.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 28, 2009

  8. Bill–Getting through the Subway line without the sandwish maker coughing in the vicinty of the food can often be a drama.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 28, 2009

  9. Greetings. The situation you witnessed at Subway really annoys me. I do, however, slightly disagree with some of your choice of words. The word vulgar is defined as crude or obscene. The word “want” is neither of those. I agree when you say the lady was rude. Definitely. Vulgar? No sir.

    Comment by fr0st3h | August 5, 2010

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