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Is 100 Foot Snake Larger Than Face On Mars?

The snake-like monster of Borneo in an allegedly real photograph of the river Baleh. The creature is said to be 100 feet long. Look at the apparent sizes of the trees and make your own geometrical judgment. The photographer is unknown. 

Is the above pictured 100 foot long snake in Borneo larger than the Face On Mars?

Here are some facts about snakes. Read and learn.

The picture of the 100 foot snake has just emerged in recent days.

I’ll leave it up to you decide which is larger. I just know that I’d like to see both these things  before the world ends in 2012.

Here are some facts about Mars. Read and learn.

If the world ends in 2012 I will suspend regular posting on this blog.

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The Vulgar Lady At Subway

Today I was in line at Subway. It was lunch time and there were maybe 15 people in line. The line was moving at a good clip.

When I was third to last in the line, a woman of about 60 walked up and asked the woman in front of me in  line if she could cut. She said she was running late. Somewhat to my surprise, the person in front of me said yes.

The cut-ahead lady then asked the next people up in line if she could cut past them. They said no.

When up at the sandwich line, the cut-ahead lady used the word “want” a lot. I’ve come to note use of this word as a mark of a vulgar person. She said, ”I want a turkey sandwich.” Or, “I want lettuce.”

The right way to say it is “May I please have a turkey sandwich?” Or, “lettuce please.”

“Want” is a vulgar term. As is the word “need.” As in “I need a turkey sandwich.” Starving people need food. You don’t “need” a turkey sandwich when you had breakfast a few hours ago and have every reason to expect dinner at the end of the day.

After her sandwich was made, the cut-ahead lady did not thank the person who made the sandwich. She just paid up and left.

This was a very rude and vulgar person. I hope she is a regular reader of this blog so she can realize the error of her ways.  There is no reason to use words such as “want” and “need” when we have the option of saying “may I please have.”

I am tired of people’s poor behavior and I have a blog available to me here to express this feeling.

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