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What Is The World’s Biggest Insect?

Two nights ago my wife asked me to put outside a tiny bug that was crawling around our home. We did not kill the creature as all it wanted to do was crawl about and live. Now if it had been bigger and more scary looking…well we might have picked an alternate course.

Please don’t think the wife could not put the bug out herself. It’s just I was around and I should be good for something.

The little bug got  me wondering–What is the world’s biggest insect?


The picture at the top of this post is the answer to that question. It is a bug that is 55.6 centimeters long. How long is that? I don’t honestly know. Here is some information on the metric system if you’d like to figure it out. I think that what we can be certain about is that the bug in the picture is long enough.

Here is a story about the bug in the picture. The article says that the bug is nearly as long as your arm. Maybe this is not the heaviest insect in the world, but it does appear to be the longest one.

It lives on the top of trees in the rain forests in Borneo.  It is newly discovered and is called Chan’s Megastick.

If the wife and I saw this bug at home, we would leave and let the bug have the place.

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Shopping In Houston–1943

Image, Source: digital file from intermediary roll film

Above is a photo of people shopping in Downtown Houston in 1943.

This picture is from the American Memory project of the Library of Congress. The photo was taken by John Vachon.

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One Islamic Baseball Player

This afternoon I ate lunch at Jamillah Gardens in Suburban Houston. This is an Islamic-Chinese restaurant. 

I was reading a book on baseball as I ate. The owner of the place, Jamillah, commented on my book. I told her I was not aware of any Islamic baseball players. She said she did know of any herself. I said I would look up the question.

It does seem there has been at least one Islamic baseball player. This was Sam Khalifa who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates between 1985 and 1987. Mr. Khalifa was of Egyptian descent.

Mr. Khalifa was not a great player. But he does have this claim to fame.

( The picture and the link to Mr. Khalifa are from Baseball Almanac.com)

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