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Brilliant Young Person Writes Movie Review Blog

A brilliant young person here in Houston, who I’ll call Eric, has begun a new blog.  Eris is 20 or something like that.

The blog is called Cinematronica. It’s difficult to keep up with a blog to the extent of writing a movie review each day, but so far Eric is sticking with it. He puts a lot if effort into the blog.

Eric writes about a wide variety of movies as his intellect and intrests range far and wide. 

I know Eric reasonably well and I can tell you he is a smart young man of very high character. Please check out his blog as often as you are able. You’ll be glad you did and so will he.

Above is a movie poster from the 1930’s written in Czech. I have no idea what it says.

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  1. I hail from Austin Texas and I am in my early 20’s as well who hosts a movie review blog. Check mine out if you ever get a free moment!

    Comment by cello85 | March 24, 2009

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