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Looking For Republican Moderates Like Looking For Bigfoot

There has been a lot of comment on the small to non-existent number of Republicans who voted in favor of the stimulus bill.  No Republicans supported the bill in the House and only three in the Senate. My own take has been that most of these Republicans just don’t  favor a large role, or any role, for government in the economy. If they vote yes on this they are pretty much giving up the farm.

Also, how can we expect so-called Republican  moderates to vote for the bill when so many have been targeted and defeated in the last two election cycles?  There are hardly any of these people left. In New England, other places in the northeast, Maryland,and the upper midwest, less conservative Republicans in the House have been knocked out  by Democrats. These moderates took a beating in both 2006 and 2008.

They were targeted because they served in areas where Democrats felt they could win. To the extent that these Republicans remain, what’s to be gained by voting yes on the stimulus? They will still be targeted. Senator Arlen Specter will not get a free ride from Democrats if he runs for reelection in Pennsylvania in 2010.

In looking for Republican votes for the stimulus, we’re looking for people who for the most part no longer in Congress. They are no longer in Congress because Democrats knocked them out of Congress. You’d have a better chance of finding Bigfoot. (Actual Bigfoot photo above.)

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Houston Voting Rights Suit Filed In City That Does Not Respect Right To Vote

A voting rights suit has been filed in Houston. The contention is that the city should immediately draw new district lines and add two new city council seats to reflect growth and changes in Houston’s population. These new seats would possibly boost minority representation on council to better reflect Houston’s demographics.  

Here is the Houston Chronicle story on the matter.

Since the 2010 census is not so far away, I can’t say this matter moves me one way or another.  The issue will be resolved soon enough in any case.  

What strikes me is the irony in filing a voting rights suit regarding municipal elections in a city where most citizens don’t respect the right to vote in municipal elections. Please let me clear that I mean this for voters of all colors in Houston. My favorites are the runoff elections for at-large city council seats that attract 2% or 3% of voters.

And how about minority legislators who serve in Austin who come from terrible turnout districts and who rarely– if ever–open their mouths about the turnout? Want to file a voting rights lawsuit?  How about filing it against urban Democratic parties across Texas and the nation who acquiesce and enable this kind of stuff year after year?

How about filing this suit against the electorate as a whole in Houston?

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Bring Me Edelweiss Was The Song Playing In My Mind All These Years

There was a song they used to play at a dance club I went to sometimes that’s been stuck in my head for years. Every so often the song would pop up in my mind. But I had no idea what band had made the song.

I’ve finally figured it out and have posted the video to the song. The song is called Bring Me Edelweiss and the name of the band is Edelweiss. Edelweiss was from Austria and existed in the 1980’s and early 90’s.

I’m glad I figured it out and I like the video and the song. It’s all happy and cheery.

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