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Valentine’s Day Poem For One Night Stand

In recent days I’ve offered ideas for Valentine’s Day poems for a lover who is lying to you, for breaking up, and for one’s wife.

Here’s a poem for if you want to write a Valentine’s Day poem to a one night stand you shared a brief time with. It is from India and was written about 1900 years ago. It’s author is anonymous.

The poem is called Scornfully. Maybe it will give you some thoughts for your poem for your one nighter…


the great lady

gave the poor traveller


to sleep on.

At daybreak she

gathers it up


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I Will Never Vote For Kinky Friedman For Any Office

The Houston Chronicle reports that Kinky Friedman is considering running for Governor of Texas as a Democrat in 2010. In 2006 Mr. Friedman ran unsuccessfully for Governor as an independent.

I would like to say here, for the record, that I will never vote for that libertarian leaning, testosterone poisoned, immigrant hating, Hurricane Katrina evacuee bashing, no good bully no matter what.

If by some awful occurrence Mr. Friedman were the nominee of the Democratic Party for Governor of Texas in 2010, I would sit that race out as a voter.

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