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Poem About My Wife To Help You With Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I’ve been helping you out with poems for the occasion.  I’ve offered a poem for the lies he is telling you, and a poem for breaking up and loss.

Today we have a poem I’ve written about my wife. I ran this a couple of years ago and I am running it again today.

Tell your sweetie the truth about the good qualities they possess.  Tell him or her in a direct and simple way that is consistent with your personality. In this fashion, you’ll make somebody happy, score points, and be believable.

Here is the poem. It is called “Poem About My Wife.”


With reasonable allowance

For awkward situations

My wife is quite straightforward.


If not always at first

People in time come to realize

The quality of my wife’s advice and skills.


My wife reflects on personal relationships

And tries to get them right.

My wife reflects on her responsibilities

And tries to be a good person.


A left-handed Jewish woman

My wife has no illusions about what people are

And the things they are capable of.

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  1. There was a nice comment here from my friend Saleema that I deleted by accident. This is the second time I have done that in recent days to her. I’m sorry and I will be more careful.

    Saleema–Thanks for the nice comment that was once here.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 12, 2009

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