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If Michelle Obama Is So Smart, Why Is She Not As Hot As Was Dolley Madison?

A portrait of First Lady Dolley Madison, wife of President James Madison

I keep hearing about what Michelle Obama is wearing. 

If we are going to grade Mrs. Obama on her appearance, she will lose out to Dolley Madison. (Above)

So let’s judge Mrs. Obama on her talents and skills and have less focus on how she looks. That is the right thing to do fo this hard working  and successful person.

For all we know, Mrs. Obama is the smarter half of the First Couple.

(Dolley Madison was also smart.)

However, since we are on the subject. I will say that Mrs. Obama’s Inauguration outfit was almost as fluorescent—

—as are these fish below. 

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  1. Michelle Obama IS hot! Her outfit was lovely too. It’s a cultural thing. White women/men like sober colors in the day I guess. But blacks and Asians like bold colors. I love bright/bold colors. Not everyone can pull off brigh/bold colors. Asians love bling bling on their outfits, even in the day time. Our concept of evening wear is even more bling bling and shinry stuff on our outfits.

    Michelle is one hot mamma and Obama is one hot guy. They are so in love, it’s cute.

    That picture of that lady up there that you call hot—she’s no match for Michelle!

    Now Jackei Kennedy was a very beautiful and elegant lady. She looked every bith the aristocracy that she was.

    Michelle dresses like a 21st century woman. She looks like us. Jackie Kennedy looked like she was sped with a silver spoon and dressed and behaved in that manner. When I look at Michelle, she reminds me that she’s one of us. And I like that.

    Comment by Saleema Gul | January 23, 2009

  2. that’s quite a bosom Dolley is sporting

    Comment by nursemyra | January 23, 2009

  3. Saleema—I like color. Though, as I never tire of saying, I’m off the Mayflower on one side of the family and our Puritan forepeople did not like color at all. So maybe I retain that impulse in some degree.

    Michelle is somewhat tall and skinny.

    I think Mrs. Obama is most up to date in the fact that she quite accomplished. Though Mrs. Madison also offered political advice to her husband. And they were quite close.

    nursemyra–Really? I’d not noticed.

    Thanks for both comments.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 23, 2009

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