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Shamans In Peru Honor Obama

The picture above is from today. That shaman in Peru is offering support for President Obama.  The story below is from October.

“Barack Obama apparently can count on the support of a majority of Peruvian faith healers. Each of the 11 shamans in a Peruvian faith-healing organization said Wednesday that he or she has foreseen victory in the U.S. presidential race: nine for Democrat Obama and two for Republican John McCain. Blowing incense over a sacred llama fetus perched on a bed of coca leaves next to posters of the two major-party candidates, the shamans shook rattles, chanted “up, Obama, up!” and threw flowers at their images. “Obama is growing stronger, I’ve seen that he has the spiritual support of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy to protect him,” said Juan Osco, president of the Apus-Inka healers association. “He’s going to win.”

All right—If someone is on board you should take that support unless you have a really good reason not to take the support.

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