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Senator Cornyn Silent On Hard Times For Texans, But Quite Vocal About Al Franken

Our terrible Texas Senator John Cornyn has very little to say about our current economic troubles, but he sure goes on a lot about the closely contested U.S. Senate race in Minnesota.

(Please click here to read the latest report on Senator-elect Al Franken’s ever expanding lead in the Minnesota count.)

Senator Cornyn has been all over making sure that the next U.S. Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken, must face every possible obstructionist hurdle before he can take the seat he won at the ballot box last November. Senator Cornyn has said he will help filibuster any effort to seat Mr. Franken.

Yet on the portion of his U.S. Senate web home labeled “Jobs and The Economy“, Senator Cornyn has added only one update since October 27. The subject of that one update was the proposed auto bailout. Here is some of the wisdom the Senator offered on that issue—

The nation’s top automakers this week presented their proposals to the Democratic Congressional leadership on how they plan to turn around their businesses and get out of debt. I have yet to see the details of their proposals so I cannot comment on the merits…”

Where are the Senator’s viewpoints on what Texas needs from the upcoming stimulus package? Or his suggestions for job creation in these hard times? How many Texans have lost jobs since October 27 while Senator Cornyn is MIA on issues of substance? 

Above you see a picture of Senator-elect Franken. Those two Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders have no problem with the idea of Senator Franken. It is clear from the picture above that Mr. Franken is a friend of Texas. I think he may even be in love with Texas. (He was on a USO tour of Iraq in this photo.)

So what is Senator Cornyn’s problem?

One thing is that Senator Cornyn has plenty of time on his hands ignoring the needs of the hard-working Texans. Idle hands are indeed the Devil’s workshop.

In fact, Senator Cornyn is now getting involved in the Illinois Senate dispute as well. 

The other issue is that the Republican rump of 41 Senators has selected Mr. Cornyn as Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. 

If only Senator Cornyn worked as hard for all Texans as he does for his apparently more important constituency of the few remaining Republican Senators in Washington.

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  1. Ah, the Republican party. They lambasted the Democrats for complaining about the Florida results in 2000, but when their backs are against the wall, they can prove to be as petulant, whining and totally useless as the rest of us.

    Comment by Roland Hulme | January 6, 2009

  2. Roland—Yep.

    Thanks for your comments here in 2008. I hope you and yours have a great 2009.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 7, 2009

  3. Well said!
    Your senator has some serious issues…
    You are on my blogroll.

    Comment by lastpersonleft | January 8, 2009

  4. LPL–Thank you very much. Will add you as well.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 9, 2009

  5. I live in Texas and Cornyn is a real jerk, he cant keep his nose out of other states business and he screws texas often he is useless,He wont be elected again ,help me to get him defearted he isnt a Texan, texans are honest and good MEN ,he is a peckhead

    Comment by jim mann | January 21, 2009

  6. Jim —I could not have put it better.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 22, 2009

  7. Please- please vote YES on closing the “Donut hole” for seniors prescription drugs!!!!!!!!!! or just forget the seniors — we still vote though!!!

    Comment by Geraldine Woelfel | December 11, 2009

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