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Next Senator From New York Should Be From Upstate

I have no problem with Caroline Kennedy in the U.S. Senate (Though some do)  but I believe the next U.S. Senator from New York should be from upstate New York.

(Above–Utica, New York.)

Governor David Paterson must select a replacement for Secretary of State designate Hillary Clinton. Ms. Kennedy is seen as a leading contender for the spot.  

My mother’s side of the family is from upstate and I know this part of New York to be one of the great parts of our nation. I’ll also note it has been moving towards Democrats in recent years after many years of voting strongly Republican.

New York’s other Senator, Chuck Schumer, is from the city.

The need for a senator from upstate was highlighted by the idiotic comments of New York City Democratic U.S. Representative  Gary Ackerman. Mentioned as a possible candidate for the vacant seat, Mr. Ackerman said he does ” not do Utica.” ( Mr. Ackerman is now, inevitably as these things go, planning to visit Utica.)

Yet the people of Utica and the Utica area elected a Democrat to Congress in 2006, and again in 2008, after a number of years of Republican representation. The Democrat in the House from Utica is Michael Arcuri.

My mother’s family is from Utica and I have been to Utica many times. It is a fine city that has been welcoming to a number of refugees from around the world in recent years.

I’ll also note that the wife and I took a summer vacation to Niagara Falls a few years back and that we enjoyed seeing the sights of Buffalo.

I’ve not spent much time in New York City, but I’m glad to say I have good memories of Utica,  Rome, Buffalo, Albany, Cooperstown and Lake Placid. As upstate follows the general trend of the Northeastern United States away from Republicans, let’s help that trend along with a Democratic U.S. Senator who shows that all people in New York State matter.

Here is a view from Rochester in favor of a Senator from upstate.

(Below—Geneva, New York in Ontario County. Geneva is the Gateway to the Finger Lakes.)

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