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My Secular Blessings To Both Parties Involved In The Ten Minute Walgreens Transaction I Stood In Line Behind At 11:40 PM

Last night at 11:40 PM I went to the Walgreens. Not to rob the place, but to buy some Diet Coke and a copy of Ebony. (These are the things people need at 11:40 PM.)  

I thought I’d get in and out of the Walgreens in quick order. Instead, I got stuck behind the dreaded ten minute transaction.

A man was buying many large cans of baby formula. He had a number of coupons and requested each can be rung up separately.  This I suppose because only one coupon was allowed for each transaction.

As can happen, the scanner could not read the coupons and so it took much time to ring up the sale. The cashier tried many times, but the bar codes were resistant to decoding.

The man seemed agitated. Not so much at the clerk, but in general. He had a head twitch that quirked around a few times and at least two points during the wait he began to pace.

Finally, it was done and the man left with his cans of baby formula. It took about ten minutes for it all to work out. He said thank you when it was done. I always look for that. I hope whatever is agitating him resolves itself in a good way.

The nice clerk apologized for the delay. I told her it was no big deal. What can one do if the coupons won’t scan?

I offer my secular blessings and goodwill to both parties involved in the ten minute Walgreens transaction at 11:40 PM. All involved were doing their best. I shall try to emulate them in my life by trying to do my best.


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  1. Nice post. Happy Holidays to you.

    Comment by Bruce | December 18, 2008

  2. i was at a wallgreens in puerto rico that had a million people in it and one cashier. the line went from one side of the store to the other and to get an american candy bar what was not 10 years old this was the only place. its was painful but worth the wait. we forget how good we have it hear too often.

    Comment by bill brady | December 18, 2008

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