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Domino’s Pizza Delivery Man Merited $5 Tip For Working On Cold Night—Picture Of A Pizza As The Sun

This evening I ordered a Domino’s Pizza.

( Above–What it would be like if we got our light and heat on the Earth from a giant sky pizza instead of the sun.)

I don’t know the phone number for Papa John’s. And the last time I ordered from some local place it sucked. There was a Domino’s magnet I had gotten in the mail right on top of my refrigerator. It was all so easy. I ordered Domino’s.

When you call Domino’s you get an automated deal that asks you a bunch of questions. You are given the option to speak to a “Domino’s Team Member” if you would rather go that route. That is always just what I do. If everything is automated, how will anybody have a job?   

I ordered the pizza and the man came within the appointed 30 minutes. I would rather he drive safely than get here within 30 minutes.

My total was $14.52. I had a $20 and tipped him the $5.48. What the hell. Delivering pizza on a 40 degree night is lousy work. The guy is friendly. I remembered him from the last time I ordered a pizza. 

Even in hard times–especially in hard times– we’ve got to help people stay employed and help people earn a buck.

(Blogger’s note–A comment was left on the first version of this post by Tim McIntyre of Domino’s Pizza stating that conservative activist Tom Monaghan no longer owns Domino’s. This was an error on my part. If you have not reached this post directly, Mr. McIntyre’s comment can be read by clicking the comments link at the bottom of the post. Though he does not identify his title,  Mr. McIntyre is Vice President of Corporate Communications at Domino’s.

I apologize for the mistake.  

I will note that in his reply to my post, Mr. McIntyre did not address safety issues involved with the 30 minute delivery policy. This may be because the 30 minute delivery claim, while still advertised, is in fact no longer in effect.  Some might see the ads as misleading.  As for political donations, according to the most recent information, the Domino’s Pizza Political Action Committee was in 2008 a minor donor to Republican Congressional candidates in its home state of Michigan.  Domino’s CEO and Chair David Brandon is a consistent donor to the Republican Party and individual Republican candidates. That is his right as it was Mr. Monaghan’s right to donate to conservative causes with the money he made at Domino’s

Mr. McIntyre is, I’d suggest, somewhat of the mark when he states that Domino’s never donated money on either side of the pro-choice/pro life debate as I implied in the first version of this post. The company itself may never have of done so, but Mr. Monaghan was clearly and correctly identified with Domino’s Pizza at one point and at least some portion of the money he was earning to make the big donations came from Domino’s. 

At the bottom line, however, I should have confirmed that Mr. Monaghan was still at Domino’s. He no longer runs the operation and is not on the board of directors. I thank Mr. McIntyre for the correction.)  


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  1. As Domino’s and Little Caesar’s rolled out into such backwater locations as Louisville, Kentucky, a second generation raised primarily on Pizza Hut, frozen pizza and TVP-and-surplus-cheese-laced casserole adored the novelty of home delivery.

    One particular native of the area was young and foolish enough to believe a high-quality, delivered pizza might just make a hot ticket. Starting 1985 in an old union and unexpectedly foodie town devastated by the closure of several plants and thousands of good-paying jobs, Schnatter kept parts of south Louisville and points south and west going. Schnatter stood up for his city with mere employment and that superior pie. The gimmick was the low price. For this reason alone, whenever I find myself some town where I do not have a reasonably-priced local alternative I only consider Papa Johns. My address of record, Austin, is such a place.

    As it happens, better ingredients, sourced regionally, not only make a better pizza, but cost less. During the farming crisis of the mid-80s, the buying power of the ever growing Papa John’s saved Indiana-based Red Gold who are now a thriving, national distributor of canned tomato products.

    I could get into what little I know of their benefits, employment policy, and the uncommonly strict code of ethics to which franchisers are held. This is why their Chicagoland rights holder, Antoin Resko, lost his franchise months before he hit the headlines. You find “Papa Tony’s” in Chicago’s old locations, for now.

    It should be sufficient to say Papa John’s embodies everything good about the people and native practices of the Ohio Valley, AND

    They have a really cool website through which you can see all the specials in your area and fiddle around with your order to your heart’s content without bothering anyone.


    If you happen to actually find yourself in Papa John’s home town, go to Dan Milano’s which is way, way out Strawberry Lane in Kenwood.

    For some reason you keep mentioning little issues that really get me where I live. I apologize for coming off more than a little strange. This may continue.

    Comment by Stan Baker | December 16, 2008

  2. Hi. I’d just like to point out that Tom Monaghan retired and sold Domino’s Pizza 10 years ago. He kept 7% of the shares until 2004 and sold them all when we became a public company. The pizza company has never made contributions on either side of “choice” debate – we’re trying to sell pizza, that’s it. To hold 125,000 employees and independent franchise owners in 60 countries around the world at fault for one man’s personal leanings just isn’t right, especially when it’s based on outdated and incorrect information. Thank you.

    Comment by Tim McIntyre | December 16, 2008

  3. There are times when only a Dominos will do… My wife and I have it to an artform. X-large, one half with onions, black olives and jalapenos. The other with onions, pepperoni, sausage and bacon.

    We do it online. They have a pizza tracker and everything. The other day, I got excited because it said ‘Mohammad has left with your pizza at 06.45pm’ and then it said ‘Ignacio has left with your pizza at 06.51pm.’ I thought we were getting two!

    Unfortunately, Ignacio and Mohammad must have compared notes, since only one arrived.

    Comment by Roland Hulme | December 16, 2008

  4. Loving a Domino’s Pizza: guilty as charged. I weighed all the “Domino’s is conservative” information, and I tried–I really tried–to love Papa John’s, but in the end I just kept going back to Domino’s. Half pepperoni and onions, half pineapple, All delicious. BUT–you have to order online, like Roland says! It’s the way to go. You can be tempted that way by bags of potato chips or Cinnastix. Domino’s even ran a Presidential poll prior to the election (see: http://chdems.blogspot.com/2008/10/dominos-pizza-customers-are-voting-for.html). Interestingly, that page got hits from Domino’s marketing group.

    Comment by Judith | December 17, 2008

  5. Stan, Roland, and Judith—

    I guess it says something for blogs that the VP for Comm. at a big operation like Domino’s would bother to reply. It gives bloggers such as I am all thre of you are a measure of hope that someday we will rule the world beyond evenm pizza.

    Thanks for the full range of pizza views you have each offered here.

    Stan–you’re no more or less strange than any blogger.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 18, 2008

  6. dominos will not delvier in my neck of the woods so they can go, you know!!! papa johns and larosas as sick as they are will at least delivery to the most diverse neighborhood in cincinnati.

    Comment by bill brady | December 18, 2008

  7. Larosas is awful.

    Lousy they won’t deliver to your fine neck of the woods.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 19, 2008

  8. they dont delvier to any black neighborhood known for crime. again when you chose to ignore an entire neighborhood for the acts of a few bad apples that would make you the cincinnati police or the public works department. we need more rich white people in northside so we can get more attention and dominos! wait no we dont i like it how it is…

    Comment by bill brady | December 19, 2008

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