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There Is No Such Thing As A Bridge To Nowhere

Remain in Light cover

This morning I was listening to the 1980 Talking Heads album Remain In Light. The last, and least interesting, song on the album is called The Overload. It’s a long slow song that most times I skip over.

Today though I heard the song and made new note of it’s first line. That line is —“A terrible signal, too deep to even recognize.” 

This lyric reminded me of a scene in the novel On The Beach. On The Beach, written in 1957 by Nevil Shute, is about the few remaining human survivors, living in Australia, after a nuclear war. They are waiting for the radiation to reach them.

At one point in the novel, a signal of some kind is received from an American military base on the Pacific coast. I think it was from Washington state. The folks in Australia are hopeful that someone has survived and that there could be hope. A submarine is sent to investigate. It’s found that a coke can or something like that has fallen on the signal button and that is why the transmission is being sent.

It’s a creepy scene. The Australians explore the base in radiation suits and find nobody alive. Just an automated repeating signal that means nothing.

I thought about how this obscure 28 year old year old song that, despite mostly skipping over it, I’ve heard many times, could provide a link in my mind to a book I read maybe five years ago.  It reminded me that all things are connected. There is no such thing as a “bridge to nowhere.” Everywhere leads somewhere else.

See how the little bridge below even appears to lead in two different directions. Keep learning and keep your mind active and open and you’ll see the world for all it is and can be.

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E-Mail & Call White House To Urge Auto Aid

Below is the e-mail I have sent to President Bush tonight at the White House asking that he permit the release of bailout funds for the American auto industry. Aid for the big American auto firms was rejected by the Senate this evening.   

Though the Senate rejected money for the auto industry with this most recent vote , funds can come from the 700 billion bailout pool passed by Congress earlier this year and now controlled by the Secretary of the Treasury.

I realize e-mailing George W. Bush is a far cry from the street protests and civil disobedience that should result from the government and private sector failures that have helped put us where we today. Yet for the moment, it is all I have to offer.

Dear Mr. President—

My name is Neil Aquino. I live in Houston, Texas.  I write to ask you to please release bailout funds to assist the American auto industry. I am quite concerned about lost jobs for auto workers, suppliers, dealers, advertising firms and many other working Americans.  

Thank you.  

Click this link for the contact information for the White House.  I’ll be calling the White House comment line in the morning to further state my views. That number is 1-202-456-1111.

Here is a link to a New York Times article that discusses what auto workers really make. It is not as much in relation to American workers at foreign owned plants in the United States as is being suggested by many Republicans.  

Everyone understands the mistakes these big Detroit companies made in the past. However, finger pointing will be cold comfort when we see thousands more people losing their jobs and the job losses spreading out further across the economy.

( Here is the reply I got back from the White House —“On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence. We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions. Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House cannot respond to every message. Thank you again for taking the time to write.” I bet the e-mail is on the President’s desk right now for his review in the morning.)

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