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Many Things At Once

People are many things at once. This is how most people are. We have contradictory traits, beliefs and desires. We often don’t act in what from a distance would appear to be a consistent manner. 

For the most part, this is not a problem. This is how we are supposed to be.  

(Above is an estuary. It is the Rio de la Plata where it ends and  flows into the Atlantic Ocean. An estuary is both salt water and fresh water. Because it is both of these things at once, it is a very productive part of the sea.)

Here are some thoughts on our many-sided selves—

We can be many things at once and still be coherent and consistent . We can still make perfectly good sense when we think, speak, and act. In fact, we make better sense because the more we incorporate into ourselves, the better understanding we have of the world as a whole. 

We can be many things at once and still have the capacity to exclude the things we do not want to be. Just because you are many things does not mean you have to be all things.

We can be many things at once still have room for more.

(Below–A Twinkie is loaded with more ingredients than we can imagine. Yet for all of it, what you have in the end is clearly a Twinkie.)

We can be many things at once and still be accurate and credible in assessing others.         

We can be many things at once and still be focused and single-minded when that is what’s required.

Not only are we many things at once, but the qualities within us that we use and assert will ebb and flow based on our needs and our emphasis at any given point.   

A good path to simplicity is an understanding and acceptance of our complexity.  

( Below–A kangaroo is no less of a mammal for being a marsupial as well.)

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