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I Don’t See Why Santa Can’t Be Black Or Why We Can’t Have Hindu Elves

I don’t see why Santa can’t be black. Or why Santa can’t be any other kind of person. How about a woman Santa who is loyally supported by Mr. Claus?

If you Google around, it’s hard to find much but white male Santas. And forget finding elves that are anything but little white guys. 

Below is what people who live near the North Pole look like. Does Santa not hire the locals? 

Santa and his elves can be anything you want them to be.  I’d like to see a workshop of well paid elves that reflect the full diversity of people who celebrate Christmas around the world.  With maybe a few Hindus, Muslims, and Jews for good measure. We have folks over in China making American flags. You don’t need to observe Christmas to work in Santa’s workshop.  

I don’t have the computer skills or the art skills to make these images of a more diverse and just Santa’s Workshop. Maybe that is a task somebody could take up this holiday season. 

Fictional people can be anything. We don’t have to follow how it has been done before. We can do things in new ways and offer people new images and new ideas.

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