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Sadly, Republican Congressman Pays Parking Meter

Yesterday I parked my car in Downtown Houston. I took a nice walk to Discovery Green Park.

When I got back to my car, I saw that a big S.U.V, a gas guzzler that helps our enemies abroad, was parked in front of me. The license plate was a U.S. Congress license plate that strongly suggested that the Congressperson for Texas House District 8 owned the car.

This is Republican Kevin Brady. 

Sitting in my car, I turned around and saw Congressman Brady trying to pay the solar power powered parking meter.

The meters can be a bit difficult if you do not use them often. Mr. Brady seemed to be having a bit of difficulty.

I was watching him and hoping he would become enraged with the meter. I was hoping he would give up and not pay. Maybe even spit on the thing. Then I could could leap out of my car and ask Mr. Brady if he loved America enough to pay the parking meter. How can Houston pay for police to protect decent citizens of our community if Congressman Brady does not pay the parking meter?

Alas, Mr. Brady did pay the meter. He messed around with it for about two minutes and then paid up.

Who would want to run for public office when your every move is watched by crazed bloggers?

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