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Who Is Running For The Texas Supreme Court? How Should One Vote?

Who is running for the Texas Supreme Court? Who is currently on the court?

There are three Democrats running for the Texas Supreme Court in 2008. The current Court consists of nine Republicans and zero Democrats. Three of the nine seats are up for election this year.

(Above is Lady Justice holding the Scales of Justice in what is quite a scene. The painting was completed in 1686 by Luca Giordano.) 

Even if you are not a liberal such as myself, do you think a court of nine Texas Republicans will rule in a way that helps average people in Texas? I think only a hard right partisan would hold such a view.

Electing the three Democrats on the ballot in 2008 would simply restore a measure of balance to the Texas Supreme Court.  

The three Democrats are Jim Jordan for Chief Justice.

Sam Houston for Place 7. 

And Linda Yanez for for Place 8.

Texas Watch discusses here the bias on the current court in favor of insurance companies and polluters.

Here is an overview of the Texas Supreme Court races from the Houston Chronicle.

Here is the web home of the Texas Supreme Court.

How can nine justices of one party, and zero justices of the other party, be good for our democracy and for our State of Texas?

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  1. Don’t forget that the TX Court of Criminal Appeals is also 9-0 Republican. There really only seems to be one solid Democrat in the running this year, in Susan Strawn. The Court of Criminal Appeals is presided over by Sharon Keller, who rejected an appeal from a death row inmate that came in shortly after 5:00 because it was after closing time. I agree that it is unacceptable that all of the judges on the state’s highest courts are all members of the same party.

    Comment by Tiffani Ellis | November 3, 2008

  2. Ms. Ellis—Very good point. Let’s have victory at all levels this year.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 4, 2008

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