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I’m Glad To Be A Cincinnati Queer Blogger

I’m very glad to be a Cincinnati Queer Blogger.  If you go to QueerCincinnati.com and look on the right side blogroll, you’ll see that Texas Liberal has an honored place as a Cincinnati Queer Blogger.

( Here is my post about attending a half gay wedding in Cincinnati. Isn’t it disgusting that we put of the matter of gay people getting married on the ballot? How would you like to have your most basic rights voted on?  Do you think all rights for Muslims would pass if they were placed on the ballot? People have essential freedoms that need to be protected. We have a right to the relationships we want in this brief and brutal life.) 

It’s great to have this connection to my longtime hometown and to this fine blog. As I never tire of telling folks, I was a Stonewall Cincinnati endorsed candidate for the Cincinnati Board of Education in 1997.

Thank you QueerCincinnati.

( Above is a snowy day in Cincinnati. In the center left is the corner of Martin Luther King & Eden. I lived on that corner for a couple of years. The smoke stack is from a power plant used by the nearby University of Cincinnati. How could I have known when I was on that corner in my college years that I’d someday be living in the semi-tropics of Houston and dealing with hurricanes?)  

I’d also like to thank my friend Teddy at Left Of College Stationfor the number of times he has linked to me in recent weeks. Teddy keeps on figthing despite being in an epicenter of the right in College Station, Texas.

Patti at Texas Education sent me a nice e-mail a few weeks back and I have been very slow to respond. I apologize for this transgression. Patti does a great job and I promise I’ve not forgotten her.

Perry at Brains & Eggs, written here in Houston, often gives me a link. Perry is a senior statesman among Texas political bloggers and a link from him is a strong endorsement that you’re doing a good job.

It’s been nice to have comments here from Tiffany who has just begun a blog of her own called What You Got Tired Of Reading On MySpace. I hope she sticks with the blogging and I’ll add her to my blogroll this week.

Jobsanger in Amarillo always does good work. Please read his blog often.

Finally, let me say hello to my friend Lunchcountersitin at All Other Persons out of Washington, D.C. The October 24 post on All Other Persons about the need of the National Urban League to get more with the times in its advocacy is on target. Many times I’ve walked past the Urban League building in Houston and wondered just what it is those folks are doing.

It is great to have so many blogger friends.

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  1. “Senior statesman”? Statesman I’ll take, but ‘senior’? I’m not that much older than you, buddy.

    (I did however receive my AARP membership solicitation this year, so I suppose … *heavy sigh*)

    Comment by PDiddie | October 26, 2008

  2. i think the wedge ballots are set up for simple reason to aggrivate and motivate concervative voters to get out and vote. they know that mccain and palin will not bring them out as much as telling them that gays want to get married. the petty argument that gay people should have the right to civil unions vs the word marrige is what the argument stems from. if it was being worded that they want equal rights for taxes insurance ect.. it would not be as inflamatory but when it is said that its recognized by the church that is where the line and wedge is drawn. I think that all couples regaurdless of being gay or straight should be able to share benifits and insurance policies, i think two roomates should qualify for these same benifits, i think neighbors should be able to buy group house insurance or any group of people that want to join and use their buying power as a group, I dont believe in god so to me its not a big deal if you call it marrige or civil union. the left and right need to work better together to sort these items out like abortion and guns and all the other bullshit that is used to make us react and divide against each other. Americans need to be a little smarter and fact check and not be misled so easily.

    Comment by bill brady | October 26, 2008

  3. Thank you for the mention. I definitely intend to keep blogging, and I hope people enjoy reading it, or at least bring up some good arguments!

    Comment by Tiffani Ellis | October 27, 2008

  4. P. Diddie–Senior in terms of time as a blogger.

    Bill–Maybe we will have an election this time where the people do not allow themselves to be so misled.

    Ms. Ellis—Thank you.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 27, 2008

  5. I’m really not that fine of a blog. You actually take the time to write stuff. I just throw random stuff up :-).

    Funny story: I thought you were a Cincinnati Queer Blogger, but then I started actually reading you… and then I put you somewhere else and I never read you again, so you had to be there so I would read you every day.

    But, you’re an awesome supporter, so you totally deserve to be there :-).

    Comment by Queer Cincinnati | December 15, 2008

  6. Queer Cincinnati–Oh no, you run a fine shop and I appreciate the placement. You’re doing what you can in a rough world. What more can one do?

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 15, 2008

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