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I’m Sorry My Late Friend, A Black Man & A Democrat, Is Not Here To See Barack Obama

I’m sorry that my late friend, Johnny Castille, a black man and a Democrat, is not here to see Barack Obama on the cusp of winning the Presidency.  

Johnny died late last year or early this year. I can’t recall the exact date. He was in his early 60’s at the time of his death.

Johnny was a sacker at my local supermarket here in Houston. He had served in Vietnam and worked at General Motors in Indiana for many years. He was retired from GM and was working at the supermarket until his retirement benefits kicked in. I don’t know if he would have ever seen those benefits given the state of GM.

Johnny was one of the first friends I made after I moved to Houston 10 years ago. He was a loyal Democrat and a good person. He had a sense of humor. While he was at first a supporter of Hillary Clinton, I’m certain he would have moved to Senator Obama as the campaign progressed.

There is a woman customer I talk to at the supermarket who was also friends with Johnny. I mentioned to her last week that I regretted Johnny was not here to see what was taking place. She said she had had the same thought, but she knew Johnny could see what was taking place.

She told me she has prayed long and hard for Senator Obama to be safe in this campaign, and that in her view he was anointed in some way.

I felt some understanding for what she was saying despite not having the same religious faith or skin color as she.

There are three weeks to go in the campaign. In honesty I wish I had a faith that would allow me the relief of prayer. I am tense over the outcome. Senator Obama offers hope that this country is not the country we have lived in for the past eight years.

Maybe we can move past some of the history that holds us back in so many ways. We’ll elect this black person and folks will see that the world does not end.

I never thought I’d see a black person as President of the United States. In three weeks we’ll see how it turns out. Win or lose on Election Day, I’m sorry Johnny is not here today. But I’m made hopeful by what I am seeing. Maybe it is possible that morning will come.

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Conservatives Hold On In Canada—Should Obama Attack If Elected?

Sadly, exit polls suggest that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party have held on to power in Canada. The opposition was divided and could not win the votes. Conservatives will not have a majority of seats in parliament, but they will have enough to govern.

( We did though gain a leftist Prime Minister in Peru)

If elected, how will Senator Obama respond?

Will he tolerate a right wing government on our very borders? What will be the “Obama Doctrine?”

An invasion of Canada would have the advantage of taking Canadians by surprise. It would be a war closer to home than our two current wars. Soldiers could even go home for the weekend.

Democrats and liberals have a lot of pent up aggression after eight years. Canada’s provocative act of Democracy is an affront.

Mr. Obama serving as Emperor of Canada would be just the emotional bailout we need in these hard times.

Oh Canada! How could you do this to us!

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