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Adrian Garcia For Harris County Sheriff


Who should citizens of Harris County, Texas select for the position of Harris County Sheriff?  

The best choice is former police officer and current Houston City Councilmember Adrian Garcia.

Councilmember Garcia was a police officer for 23 years and has served as Chair of Council’s Public Safety and Homeland Security committee. Mr. Garcia knows law enforcement.   

As a councilmember, Mr. Garcia has had a laser like focus on neighborhood concerns such cleaning up vacant lots and graffti, while at the same time addressing the larger problem of homelessness in Houston.

Mr. Garcia has the endorsement of the Harris County Deputies union.

This strong record of public service, and the confidence placed in Mr. Garcia by rank and file law enforcement professionals, stands in sharp contrast to the poor record of his opponent.

Incumbent Sheriff Tommy Thomas has been involved in many scandals. 

The sheriff’s office attempted to delete internal e-mails that were later shown to contain ethnic slurs. 

Many inmates in the county jail have died while incarcerated. 

Harris County had to pay $1.7 million for a wrongful arrest by the sheriff’s office.

Less ideological blog readers who reach this post will note that I’m a rabble rousing liberal, and may feel that I’m not the right source to offer a view on this important law enforcement position in our county.  

Yet liberals support law and order as a foundation of a decent and just society. You can’t have a decent life and a just society if criminals rule the streets.

Also, Mr. Thomas has been in office for 14 years now. Harris County has changed a great deal in those 14 years. Sheriff’s office employees e-mailing racial slurs in this day and age is just not going to get the job done.

Let’s move ahead for more effective and up-to-date law enforcement by selecting Adrian Garcia as our new Harris County Sheriff. 

Here is the web home of the Garcia campaign.

Here is an overview of the race from the Houston Chronicle

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  1. I need yard posters for councilman Garcia for my front yard for his run as sheriff.

    I am a 100 % service related disabled Vietnam veteran. and would like some yard sighns for my yard for Mr. Garcia and any other county candidate for the Democratic party for my fron yard. where can I get some close by to me, or if some can be delivered to me I will be glad to put them in my front yard till election time. Please advise me or if someone can deliver some to me for I am handicapped. Thank you.
    F. F. Gamez

    Comment by francis gamez | October 22, 2008

  2. Mr. Gamez–I’ve got your e-mail and I’ll call the Garcia people and see if they can get in touch with you and get you a sign.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 23, 2008

  3. […] Adrian Garcia For Harris County Sheriff […]

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  4. I voted for Garcia in the last election. I will not vote for him if he runs for reelection in light of his disrespect for the Houston Rodeo.

    Comment by Nicole | February 28, 2009

  5. mr garcia should recruit the graffiti artist to make signs for him, he should create a competition for the artist to clean up all the illegal painting that has been done and give them a pallet in high profile areas to express themselves, he should recruit the same people to help clean up vacant lots and plant green spaces. you dont have to be elected to any office to do this. i dont live in texas so i can say if hes a good choice for office. i live in hamilton county where the sheriff has been the same for over 20 years and hes no bargin.

    Comment by bill brady | February 28, 2009

  6. Nicole–I think the rodeo need to update itself to a degree for a new time and the new demographic facts of our area.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Bill–Your Sheriff in Hamilton County is one of the worst.It is too bad that as the county has moved towards Democrats that he remains. Sheriff Leis was the county DA when I moved to Cincinnati in 1980. He never goes away.

    There are creative ideas that could be used in many aspects of fighting crime. Though some of the graffiti in Houston is simply gang-tagging and lacks artisitic merit.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 28, 2009

  7. I have a neighbor who was on the Sherrif Dept. and he transfered to the City Police Dept about 2 tears ago and has bees trying to get back on the Sherrif`s Dept. all that time and they are giving him the run around after they told hin they would bring him back, with needing Depituies why is it so hard to do? He has a good record with the department and loves the Sherrif`s Dept. And all of the neighborhood voted for you because we thouhgt you would make a different but guess it doesnt matter who gets in it is still run the way those in want to run it.He is also a standup,helpful,king,thoughtful and helps all the neighbors.So you are loosing a good man by not reinstating him to the force.Thank you.

    Comment by Hack,Robert | October 31, 2009

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