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59% Would Replace Entire Congress And Start Again—How Many Would Replace All The People They Know?

The polling service Rasmussen Reports says that 59% of the public would replace all members of Congress and start again with an entirely new Congress.

This got me wondering about how many would, if they had the chance, get rid of all the people in their lives and start with a whole new bunch?

New spouse. Nicer neighbors. Better boss. Less disappointing kids. More loyal friends. Maybe even a more obedient and well-trained dog.

I’m not sure this solution would work either for Congress or in our personal lives. You’d start off hopeful because the new people would be on best behavior at first, but soon enough you’d find that they are just as human and flawed as the people you ditched.

I think even the new dog might not change your life in the way you hoped.

While I think we could do with fewer Republicans in Congress, a hope that may come true, for the most part we will have to move ahead with the people we’ve already got.

Maybe the issue is that we fail to ask enough of the people in Congress and the people in our lives.

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Kids Playing In Hurricane Ike Flood Waters Risked Fire Ant Attack

Here is a picture I took the day after Hurricane Ike of young people playing around in Hurricane Ike caused flood waters.

Beyond disease and submerged sharp objects possibly lurking in this water, in Houston there is always the prospect of floating colonies of fire ants. These ants will attack you if they can get close enough. Below is a picture of fire ants. Here is information on Fire Ants.

Here is a Texas Liberal safety tip—Stay out of flood waters.

Here is the link the United Way’s Hurricane Ike help fund.

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