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What Does Night Sky Look Like If You Live Outside A City?

It has occurred to me that I’ve not seen an unobscured night sky for over 20 years. I recall seeing the Milky Way while visiting Vermont some time in the late 1980’s.

I don’t camp. I’ve never spent a night outdoors in my life. I don’t think I’ve even spent a night outside of a city since that time in Vermont. 

On an airplane at night earlier this year, I could look out and see a number of stars. But you can only see so much looking up from an airplane window.

I don’t know that my life would be different if I could see a sky full of stars. I suppose this is the kind of thing people mean when they say that we’ve lost touch with nature.

That said, I don’t like bats. Maybe the picture above of a night sky and Milky Way will have to suffice.

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McCain Linked To Far-Right Radical

While false charges are being made by a desperate campaign that Barack Obama has had questionable associations in his past, the facts are far more clear that John McCain has been, and still is, linked to dangerous extremists.

The picture above is part of the evidence.

Voting 95% of the time with George W. Bush, John McCain has linked himself to man who has done more harm to this nation than anybody in recent years.

These are the facts of the matter.

And while we are at it, why has the issue of Sarah and Todd Palin’s association with the secessionist and disloyal Alaskan Independence Party gone away?

Governor Palin’s basic loyalty to this country remains at issue.

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