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Galveston Sunset Two Weeks Before Hurricane Ike

Here is a picture of the sunset I took in Galveston two weeks before Hurricane Ike.

Things are nice and normal in life. Then something goes wrong and everything is a mess. 

At the time I took this picture, people were still concerned that Hurricane Gustav might hit Galveston.

Here is the link the United Way’s Hurricane Ike fund.

The very good news is that things in Galveston will get better again.

Here is information about Galveston. 

Here is information about the sun.

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  1. I lost my home to a flood two years ago and had to rebuild it from scratch. I started a blog at http://harvardtohardhat.com/ with free advice on negotiating with the insurance company and rebuilding your home. I hope it can help some of the Hurricane Ike victims.

    Comment by harvardtohardhat | October 6, 2008

  2. i hope you make your new home more hurricane proof. I keep trying to think of ways to design a house that will use the wind to its advantage so they would not be destroyed in hurricanes. mushroom, pod shaped, something to redirect the wind. a house with a hold in the middle to let the wind through. something better that a square that has no rounded sides.

    Comment by bill brady | October 6, 2008

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