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(Blogger’s Note–This is a post I ran last year on this date. It’s been tweaked just a bit. The post got a lot of traffic and it is something I enjoyed writing.)   

Today is the 51st anniversary of the launch of Sputnik.

To mark the day, I’m running a big picture of the Earth.

The Earth is where you and I and all our brothers and sisters live.

The Earth is all we have. No transporter beam or stargate is going to take you anywhere else. If you believe in some sort of afterlife, that’s great. But as far as I know, the Earth is all we’ve got. 

The big problems we have today— climate change, global economics and living standards, and issues of war and peace— are problems that transcend borders.

We need to get our imaginations around the fact that we are dependent on others. We need to work with other nations and other people far away from what we narrowly define as our homes.

Sputnik was an act of the Cold War. Yet our imaginations allow us to see Sputnik as a first step in calling our attention to the fact we all share this planet and we must live in a way that respects the value of all people.     

That is the power of imagination. Politics is at core an act of imagination.

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