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It Is Excellent That There Are Many Different Ways We Can Conduct Our Important Relationships

In my reading of the Pulitzer Prize winning Paul Revere and the World He Lived in, I made note of the fact that Revere had letter-writing relationships with two cousins in Europe he would never meet.  

When I read this, I put the book down. I thought about how excellent it is that our relationships can take so many forms. That we can even have bonds with people we never meet in person.

Maybe Paul Revere and his cousins exchanged enough letters over a lifetime that they came to feel  they knew each other well. 

Today, beyond the ability to meet face-to-face, we have the phone, e-mail, and, just like Paul Revere, letters. We have cars and jet planes to help us meet people that in the past we would have never met, or met much less often.

When we are not communicating with people who are important to us, we have the ability to give them some thought and to ponder what we will say the next time we get the chance to communicate. 

I’ve written in this blog that I am not a bridge-builder. This is true. I have only the time and resources that I have, and I make no effort to pretend I can stomach everybody I meet.

I try very hard with the people who are in my life.

Our lives often feel they are out of control. That we are on a pace faster than what we wish was the case. Our relationships often suffer in such circumstances.

The very good news is that with discipline and imagination, we can have many excellent relationships even when life is demanding. You just have to work at it and realize that your efforts are appreciated.

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  1. there is no doubt it takes effort to maintain friendships and relationships. person or work or whatever. if you think of the people that you make the effort for and those that make the effort for you it nice to know the effort is there. we all lose track of people that were part once of our everyday life. its also nice when you run into those certain people it seems not a day has gone by since you last spoke.

    Comment by bill brady | September 26, 2008

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