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Much Of Houston And Galveston Was Disaster Area Before Hurricane

Plenty of areas in Houston and Galveston were already economic disaster zones before Hurricane Ike arrived.

We declare places as disaster zones when a hurricane or a tornado comes around, but what about folks who live in disaster conditions each and every day?

The most recent statistics I can find, from the Census Bureau in 2000, reported that 19% of people in Houston lived in poverty. One-fifth of all people. That means that a much larger number of people were, and are still today, just geting by.

In Galveston, the poverty number was 22.3% of all people in 2000. 

Poverty rates in Houston and Galveston were above poverty numbers for Texas and the nation as a whole. 

It’s not just “recovery” we need to be hearing about from our so-called civic leaders. We also need to hear about ideas for real improvements in the day-to-day quality of life for people who live in the Houston/Galveston area.

A focus of attention should be how Galveston is rebuilt. All people must be welcomed back and not just the more prosperous. Galveston should remain a city where people live and work, and not become just a place of second homes and weekend residents.

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