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Third Party Candidates Who Carried A State In A Presidential Election

The following are third party candidates for President who have carried a state in a Presidential Election since after the Civil War.   

This is part of the Texas Liberal Election Fact of the Day series.

1892—Populist candidate James Weaver of Iowa ( photo above) won Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nevada and North Dakota. Mr. Weaver won 8.5% of the entire vote. Democrat Grover Cleveland of New York won the election. 

1912—Bull Moose Theodore Roosevelt of New York carried California, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Washington. Mr. Roosevelt was also the last third party candidate to finish ahead of a major party nominee. Incumbent President and Republican nominee William Howard Taft of Ohio finished third in 1912. Democrat Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey won the election. In 1912, Mr. Wilson won 42%, Mr. Roosevelt 27%, Mr. Taft 23 % and Socialist Eugene V. Debs of Indiana took 6%.

1924—Progressive Robert La Follette,Sr ( photo below) won his home state of Wisconsin. Mr. La Follette won 17% of the full national vote. Calvin Coolidge of Massachusetts won the election.

1948—Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond of South Carolina carried Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. Mr. Thurmond won 2.4% overall. He was not on most ballots outside the South. Harry Truman of Missouri won the election.

1968—George Wallace of Alabama won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Mr. Wallace won 13% of the nationwide total. Richard Nixon of California won the election.

Winning a state in a Presidential election is hard to accomplish. Ross Perot was unable to do so in 1992 even while winning 19% of the vote. Third party candidates must have some of concentrated regional appeal, as did Mr. Weaver, Mr. Thurmond and Mr. Wallace. Or maybe they just have to be Theodore Roosevelt.

( I’d suggest Texas Liberal readers check out the links to Weaver, Debs and La Follette. They were progressive and interesting figures.)

No third party seems likely to win a state in 2008.

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Much Of Houston And Galveston Was Disaster Area Before Hurricane

Plenty of areas in Houston and Galveston were already economic disaster zones before Hurricane Ike arrived.

We declare places as disaster zones when a hurricane or a tornado comes around, but what about folks who live in disaster conditions each and every day?

The most recent statistics I can find, from the Census Bureau in 2000, reported that 19% of people in Houston lived in poverty. One-fifth of all people. That means that a much larger number of people were, and are still today, just geting by.

In Galveston, the poverty number was 22.3% of all people in 2000. 

Poverty rates in Houston and Galveston were above poverty numbers for Texas and the nation as a whole. 

It’s not just “recovery” we need to be hearing about from our so-called civic leaders. We also need to hear about ideas for real improvements in the day-to-day quality of life for people who live in the Houston/Galveston area.

A focus of attention should be how Galveston is rebuilt. All people must be welcomed back and not just the more prosperous. Galveston should remain a city where people live and work, and not become just a place of second homes and weekend residents.

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Donations To Assist Folks Impacted By Hurricane Ike

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, I’ve made donations to the United Way of Greater Houston and the American Red Cross.

I don’t say this to make me out as a great person, I’d just like to please remind people that many in Houston and Galveston are going to need help for a long time. 

The United Way of Greater Houston has established a United Way Hurricane Recovery Fund.  A number of social service agencies are going to be called upon to help recover from Ike in upcoming weeks and months. United Way efforts will offer long term solutions to problems hurricane victims will confront.

The American Red Cross provides disaster relief that is needed in times of crisis.

Here is a list of places to give help or get help after the hurricane.

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Wife Is Certain To Realize I Exploded Bowl Of Clam Chowder In Microwave—I Must Now Deflect Her With Positive Clam Chowder Memories

I was making a bowl of clam chowder in the microwave a few minutes ago when I heard a big pop.

The chowder exploded all over the inside of the microwave. 

No matter how well I try to clean this mess, my wife will know what has happened.

My wife, who is the best wife ever, is a kind and forgiving person.

It’s just that I know I’m going to leave some clam bits hanging off the top of the oven and that I won’t come near to getting rid of the clam smell. She has been working very hard today and does not want to come home to a big clam smell.

And I am always making some mess and this just might be all she can take from me. 

Oh no…I just went and made an effort to clean the mess. There is chowder gunk and exploded clams everywhere.

I could try to blame the electric company for restoring our power yesterday after a few days in dark due to the recent hurricane. This would have never happened while we were unable to turn on the microwave.  

But I don’t want to “point fingers” and play the “blame game.” No—I won’t go that route.

Instead, I’m going to remind her of the nice clam chowder she and I ate at the Union Oyster House in Boston just a few months ago. You see above the picture of this famous restaurant. My hope is that by shifting her thoughts to positive clam chowder experiences, I will be able to temper her justifiable consternation at my misdeeds. I’ll remind her that I did not spill or explode any of the clam chowder in Boston.

Those who know the wife and myself might counter that she is no fool and that I am a mess-making wreck.

That’s all true. I’m just hoping she forgets all that and just focuses on the time clam chowder brought us happiness.

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