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Ike? Yikes!

Not much blogging today. Among other obligations, I’ve got to pick up a few hurricane supplies. The wife and I have what we need. But when you see a forecast as bad as the current one, you wonder if you might need just a bit more water to get through.

Also, I bought a giant danish pastry log. I might use it as a life preserver.  

The good news, for my wife and myself at least, is that we don’t live in an area prone to flooding. And the hope is always that the storm may diminish, or at least land in an area with as light a population as possible. 

These things said, it seems likely that Hurricane Ike will be trouble for somebody somewhere along the Gulf Coast. 

Here is the link to the National Hurricane Center. You can read about what a hurricane is and how to prepare for a hurricane.

Below is a picture taken last Sunday of the insides of Hurricane Ike. This picture is from the blog of Dr. Jeff Masters at Weather Underground

Here is a picture of Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower

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