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Driver Honks, Rolls Down Window, Asks If I Want Obama Sticker

A few days ago I was stopped at a red light when the driver in the car next to me honked and signaled me to roll down my passenger side window.

I eyed him warily and rolled down the window with one hand, while reaching for the revolver in my glove compartment with the other hand.

Ha!–That’s a joke. I rolled down my window to see what he wanted.

He said he saw the Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate bumper sticker on my car, and asked if I would like an Obama sticker. He waved a few Obama stickers around. I told him I had one already and that I had just not put it on my car as of yet. ( I’ve still not put the sticker on. I will, I will.)   

This interaction warmed my heart. It’s good to know people are driving about looking to do the right thing. Decent folks know this gentleman was motivated by a desire for a better country and for a government that helps people.

It is excellent that we all have the capacity to do small things that make other people’s day a bit better, and that some are able to help us all move forward even when stuck at a red light.

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