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Brazoria County Democrats Working Hard For Freedom

Unlike Sarah Palin, members of the Brazoria County Democratic Party don’t hang out with secessionists when they don’t get their way.  

(Surfside Beach is one of the fine communities in this Houston metro area county.)

Instead of seeing how they can leave the United States, Brazoria County Democrats stand and fight for Brazoria County, The State of Texas and the United States of America.

Below are the strong principles of the Brazoria County Democratic Party.   

  • Affordable healthcare for all
  • Quality public education
  • An energy-independent America
  • A cleaner and healthier environment
  • Deficit reduction and a stronger economy
  • Freedom from government interference in private lives and personal decisions
  • Protection of Social Security
  • Separation of church and state
  • Honest and transparent government
  • Keeping faith with our veterans
  • A safe and secure homeland
  • Military action as a last resort based on facts (Afghanistan) not by choice based on misinformation (Iraq)

Check out the web page of the Brazoria County Democratic Party. See what you can do to help and what you can do to help reaffirm belief in our great country. 

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Crazed Ship’s Captain Barks Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up To Telegraph Operator

Here is the most recent Texas Progressive Alliance weekly blog round-up— 

Is John McCain’s vice presidential pick some kind of joke? McBlogger’s Mayor McSleaze thinks it’s more like a situation comedy.

CouldBeTrue is happy for Webb County! Finally, the long sheriff’s primary is over and Martin Cuellar is the official sheriff-to-be. And, yeah, the AG is looking into the hinky first recount.

With Tom DeLay and the TRMPAC indictments back in the news, Off the Kuff conducts an interview with Cris Feldman, one of the attorneys who won a civil judgment against TRMPAC for its violations of campaign finance law in the 2002 elections.

Stace Medellin at DosCentavos is celebrating ten years of living in the Houston area. Read about what brought him to Houston and what has kept him in the big city.

Neil at Texas Liberal is glad to note that the Galveston County Democrats Club is, as always, working hard for all the people of Galveston County—Both on the mainland and on the island.

The Texas Cloverleaf reminds everyone that McCain is older than fiberglass. His new sidekick leads a state with a population smaller than Collin County. Sitcom indeed.

jobsanger wonders why the Democratic Convention didn’t show a little respect for Lyndon Johnson’s 100th birthday, and prepares to enjoy the prospect of dueling Republican conventions.

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