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John McCain—Pack Mule For The Far Right

John McCain says he is a maverick.

Yet instead of picking Joe Lieberman of Connecticut as his running mate, as he had wanted to do, he chose a candidate to satisfy the far right.

Mr. McCain lacked the political courage to be his own man.

Instead of a maverick, Senator McCain is a pack mule for the far right. You see him there above–Carrying the load… Waiting for the next command.

Mr. McCain is not even “stubborn as a mule.” He just allows the right to strap that gay-baiting, book-banning, no sex ed, everybody for themselves load right on his back.

Sarah Palin does not support abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

Anything to win an election.

Here is information about mules from the British Mule Society.

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It’s Wrong! Very Wrong! To Repeat Tabloid Stories


It’s very wrong to repeat tabloid stories about Governor Palin.

Oh…hold on! Maybe it’s okay if they are stories that favor Governor Palin.   

There is a whorehouse element to any effort to reach the public. I’m not sure who is “above” it. Nobody that I am aware of. I know I’m not.

Below is Vincent van Gogh’s The Brothel from 1888. 

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