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I’m Sending Texas Southern U. $25 As New Campus President Takes Over


The Houston Chronicle ran an article yesterday about the new president of Houston’s Texas Southern University. His name is Dr. John Rudley.

As the article details, Texas Southern has had some problems in recent years. A former president of the school was involved in scandal and graduation rates at TSU could be somewhat higher.

Dr. Rudley says he can fix these and other issues at this historically black institution.

I hope Dr. Rudley is the person for the job. Black folks and all folks in Houston need a strong Texas Southern. For one thing, life is hard and these kids need to be educated. For another thing, Houston needs as many educated people as possible to help deal with longstanding problems we have here of poverty and pollution.   

I think Dr. Rudley is going to get folks on-board with the program, and that TSU graduates are going to be, as they have been already in many cases, leaders in our city and across the nation.

The great Congressman Mickey Leland went to TSU.

I’m going to send TSU a $25 donation. That won’t build a new hall on campus, but it might at least buy some pens and paperclips.

I’m also going to include a note with my donation asking that I not be added to any mailing list. Little is more frustrating than making a small donation to a worthy cause, and seeing all the money you sent wasted in the form of newsletters and solicitations for more money.

I will also e-mail this blog post to the president’s office so he can make sure I’m taken off any  mailing list.

I look forward to Texas Southern University assuming its place of leadership in Houston. I will post more on the school as events progress. 

Here is the web page for Texas Southern.

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  1. Thanks for the post.

    I will send them $25 as well.

    Comment by lunchcountersitin | September 1, 2008

  2. Very good. Let’s hope things get better as promised at TSU. Thanks for the helpful comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 2, 2008

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