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Even If Sarah Palin Really Is Mother Of That Child, Don’t Let These People Define Your Idea Of Family

We’ve seen a lot of family from Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain and Sarah Palin. They all love their families. We should vote for them because they love their families.

l’ll leave it up to you if the rumor about the maternity of Trig Palin has any merit. I know I’ve heard that Barack Obama is a Muslim and that he was born outside the country. I bet his political opponents have helped spread those rumors. Yet these things are not true. Not all rumors are true.

I don’t care if the rumor is true, because I don’t think it has much to do with Ms. Palin’s ability to be Vice President. It’s just that if you are going to run for Vice President of the United States as a champion of family values, then your family is part of the public debate. Especially when you are running as a representative of a political party that has been lecturing people on family values for many years now. 

And really, with all these spouses, children, and grandchildren we’ve been seeing from both the Republican and Democratic candidates—Don’t they have any crazy gay uncles who live in a small apartment in Manhattan and who do nothing all day but read and reread The Education of Henry Adams ?

Don’t they have any lifelong friends they would like to acknowledge?

How about siblings that maybe they just can’t stand to be near?

You can define family as you wish. Maybe you like your friends better than your family. Maybe you have no family. Maybe you are gay and you can’t get married in most of the country.

Don’t let these candidates—who are brands for sale as much as anything real—sell you this crap. Don’t let them make you feel left out because you don’t live some fantasy dream life. Odds are they are not living that life themsleves. 

Family is what works for the person you are in life and for your circumstances in life. 

Family is how you define family. You can define family anyway you want.

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I’m Sending Texas Southern U. $25 As New Campus President Takes Over


The Houston Chronicle ran an article yesterday about the new president of Houston’s Texas Southern University. His name is Dr. John Rudley.

As the article details, Texas Southern has had some problems in recent years. A former president of the school was involved in scandal and graduation rates at TSU could be somewhat higher.

Dr. Rudley says he can fix these and other issues at this historically black institution.

I hope Dr. Rudley is the person for the job. Black folks and all folks in Houston need a strong Texas Southern. For one thing, life is hard and these kids need to be educated. For another thing, Houston needs as many educated people as possible to help deal with longstanding problems we have here of poverty and pollution.   

I think Dr. Rudley is going to get folks on-board with the program, and that TSU graduates are going to be, as they have been already in many cases, leaders in our city and across the nation.

The great Congressman Mickey Leland went to TSU.

I’m going to send TSU a $25 donation. That won’t build a new hall on campus, but it might at least buy some pens and paperclips.

I’m also going to include a note with my donation asking that I not be added to any mailing list. Little is more frustrating than making a small donation to a worthy cause, and seeing all the money you sent wasted in the form of newsletters and solicitations for more money.

I will also e-mail this blog post to the president’s office so he can make sure I’m taken off any  mailing list.

I look forward to Texas Southern University assuming its place of leadership in Houston. I will post more on the school as events progress. 

Here is the web page for Texas Southern.

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250,000 Page Views & 3,000 Comments—Thank You Blog Reading World

I’m fortunate to be able to report that this blog recently passed 250,000 page views and 3,000 comments.  While that’s chump change for some blogs, in the scheme of things it’s a good showing.

Even better, after a slow start my first year blogging, Texas Liberal has averaged 735 page views a day in 2008. When you consider all the content on the internet, it’s pretty good to get that much traffic to your own small corner of the web. 

I appreciate everyone who has read the blog and thanks to all who have commented.  

Thanks my close friend Bill back home in Cincinnati for his many comments. Thanks to Laz at Last Row for reading the blog and posting comments when readership here was much smaller

It’s been great to make new friends with fellow Texas political bloggers such as Perry at Brains and Eggs, Ted at Jobsanger, Danny at There…Already and Steve at Whosplayin?  

I’ll always have kind regards for friends of the blog such as skippy the bush kangaroo, The Field Negro and A Wide Angle View of India.

Hello as always to Citizen X and Alex Ragsdale who were both on-board from the start.   

Apart from Texas Liberal, I am also one of eight featured political reader-bloggers at the Houston Chronicle and I post regularly at Where’s the Outrage? WTO? is out of North Carolina and is the home of the Dr. Errington Thompson podcast.  

Blogging is–for the most part—fun. You get to have your say. Maybe some readers will see things your way. Maybe not. I feel I have–for the most part— been true to my personality while writing Texas Liberal.  It is good to have these small measures of success. 

On now to my goals of 1,000 hits a day, 500,000 total hits and 5,000 comments.

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