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Obama Harvesting Texas For Volunteers—I’m All For It

The Obama Campaign has held a Camp Obama in Houston to train volunteers for the Obama campaign. Here is the Houston for Obama web page. The Houston Obama people say in the post about Camp Obama that they will hold more such training sessions. 

As Texas is not likely to be a contested state in November, it seems that some number of these volunteers will go to so-called battleground states. 

Some don’t approve. Some say that volunteers are being harvested from Houston and Harris County when we have important work to do to win Harris County back from the Republicans. 

Though I don’t agree, this is a view many might reasonably hold.

Below is a scene from the Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds. The aliens are harvesting human beings and fertilizing alien crops with human blood. That’s why everything is red in the picture. 


However, I see a far more benign picture of Camp Obama. They are not people from a distant world. They share much the same goals as all Democrats in Harris County and Texas. 

The Obama people are bringing new people into the political process and sharing the bounty with the rest of the country. That’s how I see it. These people will remain in Harris County after the election and be a renewable source of political talent that will rise up each campaign season to help the cause. 

The Harris County Democratic Coordinated Campaign is making a strong effort and there is room enough for all.

The goal of electing Barack Obama President is Job One for Democrats in 2008. 

Here is the link for Texans For Obama. Check out the link and see how you can help Barack Obama any place that help is needed.

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